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        Chicago Automobile and Pedestrian Accident Attorneys

        Within the state of Illinois, 134 pedestrians were killed in motor vehicle accidents in 2011, the latest statistics available.

        When a pedestrian is seriously injured or killed during an accident involving a vehicle, the injured pedestrian (or their surviving family) may have a personal injury or wrongful death civil case against the driver and their insurance company.

        The Chicago Injury Lawyers at Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates understand all too well the challenges faced by the injured and/or their families, and have a long-standing record of successfully prosecuting such cases, including what was the highest jury award in Illinois history for a brain injury.

        Recovery (settlement or trial judgment) may include compensation for medical bills, loss of wages from time off work, ongoing physical therapy or reconstructive surgery, pain and suffering, permanent disabilities, or wrongful death.

        The massive force trauma of a moving vehicle, regardless of speed, is no match for the human body, thus serious injuries are common and can include:

        Who’s At Fault?

        Determining who is at fault in accidents involving pedestrians and vehicles is often difficult if an experienced investigative team is not deployed immediately. Typically, both the driver and the pedestrian declare the other at fault, or partially at fault, which can significantly affect on your case.

        For this reason, an injured party or their family should contact an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

        Not all personal injury law firms have the trial experience to build a successful case, or an experienced investigative team capable of deploying the resources necessary when they’re needed the most.

        The personal injury attorneys at the Horwitz firm understand the need for immediate investigation because evidence at the scene may quickly degrade, and eyewitness accounts often fade over time.

        Pedestrian vs. Driver; Who’s at Fault?

        While drivers have a legal duty to extend caution and care for pedestrians and cyclists, common reasons for accidents involving pedestrians include:

        • Distraction
        • Speeding
        • A failure to yield — rushing to beat traffic lights, or other moving violations
        • Intoxication, which contributed to 14% of all pedestrian vs. auto deaths in 2012.

        Pedestrians are expected to be alert to traffic conditions and exercise reasonable caution. Cases in which pedestrians may be cited at fault, or partially at fault, include:

        • Crossing the street against the light or “don’t walk” signal
        • Failure to use a crosswalk
        • Darting out in front of a car
        • Walking or running into the flow of traffic

        Many accidents involving pedestrians and drivers cite shared responsibility of fault. Only an experienced Pedestrian vs. Driver attorney can protect your rights and ensure all the facts of your case are considered.

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