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        Ironworker Awarded Penalties Against Area Erectors and Gallagher Basset ($2.9 Million)

        Recovered $2.9 Million

        A union ironworker from Local 444 recovered $2.9 million for an arm injury resulting from a crane accident.

        • The Case

          Gallagher Bassett cut the ironworker’s weekly benefits, leaving him to starve.  They cut him off because he made a gesture to a fellow employee while working doing light duty work in Area’s office.  The gesture he made was to shape his hand into the form of a gun and to point the gun shaped hand at another employee.  For that reason, he was fired and his benefits were cut off.

        • In Depth Look

          Horwitz filed an emergency petition under 19(b) of the statute and went to trial. Horwitz convinced the arbitrator to award penalties against Area for a termination of benefits without a reasonable basis.  This ironworker also had a third party case and this resolved for just under three million dollars.

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        Ironworker Awarded Penalties Against Area Erectors and Gallagher Bassett

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