Immunity Plea Becomes Icy Failure for City of Park Ridge: Suing a Municipality

After an ‘unnatural accumulation’ of snow and ice formed on a city sidewalk due to the negligence of a city snow plow operator – making the sidewalk impassable — a woman was forced into the street and was subsequently hit by a car.  She brought suit against the city for her injuries citing negligence.

Two-Vehicle Crash Injures Four at O’Hare International Airport

The Chicago Tribune reports that four people are in the hospital after a serious two-car crash at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. The crash was in the early hours of the morning, and police and firefighters responded at about 12:30 a.m. Emergency workers transported two people to the nearby Advocate Lutheran General Hospital, another to Loyola…

Man Survives Fall into Chicago River after Car Accident

The Chicago Tribune reports that a man fell into the Chicago River after a car crash on Congress Parkway. Police say a red Ford sedan collided with a Lexus SUV just after 8 p.m. When one of the drivers stopped to ask if the other driver was ok, he fell into the Chicago River below….

What Should I Do if I am in an Auto Accident in Illinois?

If you’ve been injured in an auto accident, speak to one of our experienced car accident attorneys today! Call us at (312)-372-8822 or (toll free) at (800)-985-1819 for a free consultation!

4 Construction Workers Injured in Chicago Building Site Accident

Working on a construction site is one of the most dangerous jobs in the country, and it is not uncommon for Chicago construction workers to sustain serious injuries or even die on the job. Construction work is critical to the development of any city, and if you are a construction worker, it is important that…

Depression after a Traumatic Brain Injury

Depression After Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) No other condition presents itself in such a disguised, varied and riddled form, or invokes the darkness of emotional and physical pain, more so than depression. While any serious physical injury can, and often does present some level of risk for depression, the risk for depression following a traumatic…

Man Find Turns Signal in his Arm 50 Years after Accident

There’s a story behind every car accident. Unfortunately, many crashes end in tragedy, and to some degree, all accidents cause harm either to people or to a vehicle. The story of one car accident in 1963 recently came to a dramatic conclusion, when the victim found a turn signal in his arm more than 50…

Depression After a Serious Injury

Depression often invades the life of someone who has been seriously injured, especially for those who face months or years of care to recover. Control over physical pain and function, their finances, their daily life and their future often seems to have disappeared.