Determining Liability in Car Crashes

A serious car accident can leave you with debilitating injuries, and if you intend to file a claim for damages from the negligent driver or from an insurance company, you may encounter the complicated process of proving fault or liability. In most cases, you will need to establish negligence in order to file a successful…

5 Common Car Accident Injuries

  Psychological Trauma Many people only consider the obvious physical injuries in the aftermath of a serious accident, but according to AAFP, emotional trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are equally damaging. Aside from combat, car accidents cause more cases of PTSD than any other event or situation. Even if the crash caused no physical…

How Long is My Case Going to Take?

When someone has suffered a serious personal injury, their lives and that of their entire family are affected. In addition to the difficulties often associated with recovery from the injury itself, normal work and family routines are often interrupted adding to the burden. You want and need answers as medical bills and lost wages mount.

5 Common Workplace Injuries

Workplace injuries are surprisingly common, and they can be debilitating if you do not handle them in the correct manner. Workplace injuries are not just a reality in high-risk professions like construction; they can affect anyone regardless of the job.