An American-Made Cigarette Lighter Caught Fire in My Hand

  Question: On the 31.05.01 I had a serious accident involving a cigarette lighter from an American manufacturer. After following careful refuelling instructions, the whole lighter burst into flames, severely catching my left hand on fire in the process. The injuries I received to my left hand were that severe that it required emergency medical attention…

A Pharmacy Employee Disclosed Personal Information About Me

Question: First off, I am still in high school. There is this girl that works at a local pharmacy and she has access to personal records like prescriptions, etc. Well, she decides to go and tell all of her friends that my whole family is on herpes medication and all about other kids and what…

My Brother Died When Served More Alcohol

  Question: My brother was drinking and got drunk at his motel. Left there drunk and went to a bar where they served him for a few more hours, knowing he was already drunk. My brother left there, wrecked his car and was killed. I’m mad at the bar owners that would keep serving him,…

Am I Responsible for My Mother's Nursing Home Bills After Signing an Admission Form?

Question: My mother’s nursing home asked me to sign an admission form before admitting her. Am I responsible for the bills now?

Why 75% of Nursing Home Residents Fall: Unacceptable

  Question: I recently noticed several areas of bruising on my mother’s legs and arms, some new and some healing, and was told she has had several falls. Should I be concerned?

Psychotropic Drugs: Families DO have a Say!

  Question: My father has been receiving antidepressant medicine without my knowledge. I told them to stop it immediately because he’s been in such a fog, and the nurse said she would have to check with his physician. I’m my father’s power of attorney. Don’t I have a say in this?

Gaining Access to a Resident’s Records

  Question: You’ve mentioned the need to access a family member’s medical record in a nursing home several times, but my mother’s facility seems hesitant to allow it. Is there a law I can cite?

Evaluating Nursing Homes & Long-Term Care Facilities

  Question: I went to the state’s website for information on nursing homes in my area for placement of my mother. The information on inspections is old. How do I get current information to compare facilities?

There’s Nothing Acceptable About Bed Sores

  Question: Is it a ‘given’ that bedsores just come with the territory for nursing home patients?

Declining Strength is a Call-to-Action

  Question: My mother’s physical strength has changed, but it doesn’t seem that the routine of care is keeping up. Can I request more?