A Pharmacy Employee Disclosed Personal Information About Me


First off, I am still in high school. There is this girl that works at a local pharmacy and she has access to personal records like prescriptions, etc. Well, she decides to go and tell all of her friends that my whole family is on herpes medication and all about other kids and what they’re on, i.e. acne medication and even what their parents are on like Viagra.
Well, I don’t even think I can attend school anymore, I am so hurt. This is extremely embarrassing. Now, I used to work at a pharmacy a couple of years back and I know how easy it is to access these files, and I guess it’s really up to the person whether or not they have the character not to discuss other people’s business.
I was wondering if I had a case, isn’t this slander? And another thing, if I was to sue who would I sue – the pharmacy for not having passwords on the computers or the girl (who I might add is very rich, mansion, Ferraris, all of that). I was wondering if you could help me out with this case.

–Jake, Georgia


I can only help Illinois residents. However, I can understand your embarrassment. This is truly embarrassing for anybody, especially a teenager. I believe you do have a viable cause of action against the pharmacy. I think it lies in the area of a breach of privacy and/or privacy litigation. Actually, for this type of litigation, you are looking for a civil rights lawyer.