At First the Insurance Company was Nice to Me… Until I Wanted Compensation



On Mother’s day this year I was involved in an accident. I was sitting at a red light on St. Lawrence and 73rd street in Chicago and I was hit out of nowhere. I have been in contact with the person at fault’s insurance company and they have been pretty nice up until I was seeking financial help for personal suffering and they have started disregarding me.
I didn’t know until now just how much this accident has affected me. I now sit at red lights and shake sometimes due to this accident and I really want to do something about it. I was going to let it go however this is the second time I have been hit from behind and I am entitled to some help.

–Eboni, Southfield MI


Since your accident occurred in Chicago, then Chicago would be the proper venue for any case that you would file. Illinois law would apply. This is a good thing because Illinois law is favorable to injury victims.
It’s important in proving any injury that your treating physician treat your condition and attempt to cure it. This helps both you and your case. It hurts the insurance company. However, I consider that very good since their goal is only to hurt you.
I suggest you find an excellent personal injury trial lawyer to help you and continue with treatment until your condition is resolved. Since we are in Chicago, we can certainly help you. Either way, I would suggest that you hire a lawyer. The insurance company certainly has many lawyers advising them. You should protect yourself like they protect themselves.