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        Nursing Home Liability Insurance – Outreach Alert in Support of House Bill 3445

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        Nursing Home Liability Insurance

        It’s virtually unthinkable that the state of Illinois would license any type of nursing home, long-term care or assisted living facility without requiring basic nursing home liability insurance. Yet, that’s exactly what occurs today.

        Regardless the case of accidental injury, or injury by neglect and abuse – even death, patients and their families are left to bear the painful consequences with little or no compensation or recourse.

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        Leaders Unite Against Wal-Mart Policies

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        Last month in Chicago, union and labor representatives joined political and faith-based community leaders in a first of its kind forum to discuss the alleged unfair labor practices and policies of America’s #1 private employer, Wal-Mart.

        Wal-Mart’s ability to battle back against its critics is the most successful corporate campaign of divide and conquer — laborers against consumers. Hosted by the Illinois State Labor Press Association, proponents of fair employment practices and living wage agreements hope to turn the tide in a public arena. A complete audio capture of the landmark event can be found on-line at http://www.outreachradioonline.com, which was sponsored by Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates, LTD.

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        The House that Terror (and Your Tax Dollars) Built – Senior Neglect and Abuse

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        Senior Neglect and Abuse More the Norm, Not the Exception

        The nightmare of senior neglect and abuse is real for the defenseless. Tens of thousands suffer physical and emotional abuse, abandonment and neglect. They face life-threatening infection (sepsis) from sores left unattended in a pool of human waste, and are intentionally over-sedated through the use of psychotropic drugs as a means to silence their despair, confusion and agony. In a great many cases, these are the conditions paid for in full by your tax dollars. It is a climate of terror in which institutional administrators and corporate leaders of long-term care facilities (nursing homes) profit enormously, while ignoring federal and state law without shame or fear of prosecution.

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