What Juries Do Not Know – The Truth About Insurance and Trial Lawyers

  What Juries Do Not Know 99% of trials in personal injury cases are about insurance.  What juries do not know, is that the true battle is between the injured individual and the insurance carrier who represents an individual or corporation who is being sued.  The jury is led to believe that the Defendant is…

How Much is My Personal Injury Case Worth?

Question: How much is my personal injury case worth?

A Pharmacy Employee Disclosed Personal Information About Me

Question: First off, I am still in high school. There is this girl that works at a local pharmacy and she has access to personal records like prescriptions, etc. Well, she decides to go and tell all of her friends that my whole family is on herpes medication and all about other kids and what…

My Brother Died When Served More Alcohol

  Question: My brother was drinking and got drunk at his motel. Left there drunk and went to a bar where they served him for a few more hours, knowing he was already drunk. My brother left there, wrecked his car and was killed. I’m mad at the bar owners that would keep serving him,…

I Co- Signed for My Son's Car. What's My Liability?

Question: I co-signed for a car with my 34 year old son. The car registration is in my sons name the certificate of title is in both mine and his name. The car is insured in my sons name. Do I haveany Liability if this car is in a accident. Cheektowaga, NY

Illinois Bicycle Accidents: Who is Responsible?

  Who Is Responsible? Bicycles are a health-conscious way to travel – not to mention less expensive and more eco-friendly than motor vehicles. Still, cycling comes with certain risks, such as a potential accident with a motor vehicle. As the total number of cyclists has increased, unfortunately, so has the number of accidents and fatalities…

Who Can File a Wrongful Death Claim in Illinois?

Each state has specific policies and procedures related to wrongful death claims, and it is important to understand how your state defines wrongful death, as well as how to go about filing a claim if you believe a family member or loved one’s death was due to the wrongful conduct or actions of another person…

How Long is My Case Going to Take?

When someone has suffered a serious personal injury, their lives and that of their entire family are affected. In addition to the difficulties often associated with recovery from the injury itself, normal work and family routines are often interrupted adding to the burden. You want and need answers as medical bills and lost wages mount.

How Much is My Case Worth?

How Much Is My Case Worth? During an initial consultation, we’re often asked, “How much is my case worth?” Each and every case is considered on its merit, first and foremost.

What is a Contingency Fee?

  What is a Contingency Fee? When a person is injured and considering hiring an attorney, they often question whether or not they can afford legal representation, and ask, “Do I need to pay an attorney up front?” In many cases, the injured person will try (often unsuccessfully) to manage their own circumstances because they…