What Do I Do if My Employer Refuses to Pay My Bill?

Question: What do I do if my employer refuses to pay my bill?

Is there a Limit to the Number of Doctors I can see at My Employer’s Expense?

  Question: Is there a limit to the number of doctors I can see at my employers expense?

What Medical Expenses Must My Employer Pay if I am Injured at Work?

Question: What medical expenses must my employer pay if I am injured at work?

Can My Employer or its Insurance Company Speak with My Doctor when I am not Present?

  Question: Can my employer or its insurance company speak with my doctor when I am not present?

What if My Employer or its Insurance Company Wants to Tape or Record Me, Either by Phone or in Person?

Question: What if my employer or its insurance company wants to tape or record me, either by phone or in person?

Should I Discuss My Case with My Employer or Its Insurance Company?

Question: Should I sign papers for my employer or its insurance company?

How Much is My Personal Injury Case Worth?

Question: How much is my personal injury case worth?

Settlement Value of My Workers' Compensation Case

Question: What’s the settlement value of my workers compensation case based on?

Basic Workers' Compensation Rights

Question: What are my three basic rights under the Illinois Workers Compensation Act?

Do I Need an Attorney for Workers Compensation in Illinois?

Brain Surgery…Rocket Science…Workers’ Compensation Law… One of the first things new client’s tell me when I meet them is, “I’m not the type of person to hire an attorney.” Actually, someone with a legal case is precisely the type of person who should and does hire an attorney. If you need brain surgery, see a…