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        Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

        What to Expect of Nursing Home Activities Calendars

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        Nursing Home Activities are Important

        Get Involved

        Adjusting to a new environment is a challenge that everyone faces. For nursing home residents, the adjustment is especially challenging. Because their lifestyle requires significant dependence on others, many of them strangers, nursing home residents may experience a period uneasiness during their first few weeks after being admitted. To facilitate this transition, encourage your loved one to get involved.

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        How to Ensure a Positive Visit to Your Loved One?

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        How Can I Ensure a Positive Visit to a Loved One in a Nursing Home?

        Visiting your loved one in a nursing home is fundamental to sustaining their general health. Studies show that the more connected the elderly are with others, the better they will fare on tests of memory and cognition.1 Committing to spending time with your loved one, whether it be through walks outside, playing cards, reading together, listening to music, or looking through old photo albums, any visit is bound to improve a nursing home resident’s outlook on life.

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        Can Nursing Homes Overmedicate Residents?

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        With one in three nursing homes across the country being cited for abuse, families have a lot to monitor when they choose to admit their loved one to a long-term care facility.  Abuse and neglect of nursing home residents can take many forms, some of which are difficult to identify. Overmedication is one such example.

        Overmedication is the use of drugs that are not clinically indicated and are given in an inappropriate or overly aggressive manner even when nonpharmacologic alternatives are more suitable.1 A recent study found that one-third of prescription-related deaths are of elderly persons.2

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        Nursing Home Reform in Illinois

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        Nursing Home Rights

        How Can I Make Nursing Home Care Reform Better in Illinois?

        Legislation reform is one of the primary ways to respond to the inadequate care practices of nursing homes. The treatment of residents will likely improve substantially if the federal and state regulations are responsive to abusive and neglectful behavior occurring on a day to day basis in long-term care facilities.

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        Year of Elder Abuse Prevention (YEAP)

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        Elder Abuse

        Every year an estimated 2.1 million older Americans are victims of elder abuse, neglect or exploitation. Combating this requires efforts on state, local, and national levels. Abuse affects all seniors and spans every socio-economic class, culture, and ethnic background.

        The House that Terror (and Your Tax Dollars) Built – Senior Neglect and Abuse

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        Senior Neglect and Abuse More the Norm, Not the Exception

        The nightmare of senior neglect and abuse is real for the defenseless. Tens of thousands suffer physical and emotional abuse, abandonment and neglect. They face life-threatening infection (sepsis) from sores left unattended in a pool of human waste, and are intentionally over-sedated through the use of psychotropic drugs as a means to silence their despair, confusion and agony. In a great many cases, these are the conditions paid for in full by your tax dollars. It is a climate of terror in which institutional administrators and corporate leaders of long-term care facilities (nursing homes) profit enormously, while ignoring federal and state law without shame or fear of prosecution.

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