Illinois Window Tint Law

Every state has laws in place regarding how dark a vehicle’s window tint is allowed to be. These laws are all based on the percentage of darkness and the reflection your windows are allowed to have. Most vehicles on the roadway have some level of tint. However, for the sake of public safety, Illinois has…

Fall Fire Safety Tips

As the weather has cooled down and people have begun to heat their homes, now is a good time to review your home fire safety plans. Regardless of the time of year, fires pose a risk to people and property. It is important to remember that in just two minutes, a fire can become life-threatening….

Senior Pedestrian Safety

Walking is recommended for people of all ages, especially for senior citizens who want to stay active and healthy. However, senior pedestrian safety has become a major concern, particularly in and around the city. Pedestrian accidents can lead to major injuries, but there are ways you can stay safe when you head out. What Dangers…

Illinois Motorcycle Laws

Since gasoline prices have remained relatively low, the number of motorcycle riders has leveled off in recent years. However, riding is gaining popularity in many places. New riders often have questions about basic legal matters. After all, a motorcycle is not exactly a car, but it is not exactly a bicycle either. Bicyclists and motorcyclists…

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