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        Workers’ Compensation

        New X-Ray Technology in Black Lung Claims

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        Coal miners work in some of the most dangerous conditions. Each day coal workers enter the mines, burdened with the constant threat of an explosion or collapse. Miners suffer some very traumatic injuries, yet aside from the daily threats of the mine an even more deadly risk lingers. Long-term exposure to coal dust places miners in both surface and underground mines at risk of black lung disease. According to a study done by the Epidemiology and Biostatistics Program in the Division of Cancer Etiology at National Cancer Institute, about 40% of all lung cancer deaths in miners may be due to radon progeny exposure. Radioactive radon is an inert gas that migrates from soils and rocks accumulating in enclosed areas. The estimates of the hazards posed by radon have been based on the analyses of data on miners, pooling four occupational cohort studies of miners.[1]

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        Weissburg’s Workers’ Compensation Tip of the Month

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        Workers’ Compensation Lawyer – Advice

        Importance of Settlements

        I’ve seen hundreds of of people walk through my office door with old, unsettled claims, who never even heard of Workers’ Compensation settlements till a friend or family member mentioned it to them. Clients frequently tell me, “they paid my Temporary Total Disability, they paid my medical, but no one ever said anything about settlement.”

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        Honest Abe for Labor

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        Importance of Labor

        “Labor is prior to, and independent of, capital. Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed. Labor is the superior of capital, and deserves much the higher consideration.”

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        The Origin of Workers’ Injury Laws in the U.S.

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        The video contains information about:

        • Workers’ Compensation
        • Workers’ Rights
        • Work Injuries
        • Workplace Injuries
        • Workplace Accidents
        • Construction Injuries
        • Labor History

        Railroad Injury: Workers’ Compensation

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        Railroad Injury Compensation

        Employer Negligence

        If the injured worker can prove that his employer was negligent (that is, provided an unsafe place to work) then he can recover for pain and suffering and disability and can recover full compensation. Such a case is usually worth much more than a Workers Compensation case since Workers Compensation has strict statutory limits. Further, with the FELA, the Plaintiff can have his case decided by a jury, which is always preferable since they have more in common with an injured Plaintiff.

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        Do I Need an Illinois Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

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        Mark Weissburg, Partner at Horwitz Horwitz & Associates, Illinois Workers’ Compensation Attorney

        Brain Surgery…Rocket Science…Workers’ Compensation Law…

        One of the first things new client’s tell me when I meet them is, “I’m not the type of person to hire an attorney.” Actually, someone with a legal case is precisely the type of person who should and does hire an attorney. If you need brain surgery, see a brain surgeon. If you need a rocket built, consult your local neighborhood rocket scientist.

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        Construction Injuries: Among the Most Serious Injuries We Encounter

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        Construction Site Injuries

        Illinois Workers’ Compensation Claim Problems

        When injured on a construction site, the worker clearly has a Workers’ Compensation claim, but we sometimes find that the employer has no insurance. Under this scenario, Illinois law permits us to prosecute the company that hired the uninsured employer. This allows the Workers’ Compensation claim to go forward. We have seen numerous lawyers who fail to know this rule and who let injured workers go uncompensated.

        With any construction injury, one must always evaluate whether there is a “third-party” case.

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        Workers’ Compensation “Reform”

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        Workers’ Compensation in Jeopardy

        Workers’ Compensation law is under attack. False claims of “rampant fraud” are being used as a Trojan Horse to sneak in “reforms” that would eliminate significant workers’ rights. It is essential that we join together to fight for and protect the Workers’ Compensation Act. Illinois workers fought long and hard for the rights we enjoy, we can’t sit back and let greedy insurance companies steal those rights merely to increase their own profits.

        The following letter to the editor by ITLA President Todd A. Smith appeared in the Chicago Tribune on Friday, April 29, 2011 in response to a Tribune editorial on workers’ compensation.

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        Chicago Work Injury Attorney

        Changes in Workers’ Compensation Law Affects Your Rights

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        Changes to Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act

        On June 28, 2011, Governor Quinn signed into law Public Act 94-0018, which made a number of significant changes to the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act that will affects the rights of injured workers across Illinois in a number of ways. This article is meant to provide you with the basic information regarding these changes in your rights. Of course, there are many details each of these issues that we do not have room to cover here. If you have any questions regarding your rights, it is best to consult an attorney. read more

        Unions v. Non-Union “Independent” Contractors

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        How Unions can Level the Playing Field with Non-Union “Independent” Contractors

        Union contractors in the construction trades have long fought an uphill battle, forced to compete at a financial disadvantage with non-union contractors who pay their employees less, offer few, if any benefits, and have historically reduced their overhead by not providing legally mandated workers’ compensation insurance.

        Amendments in February 2006 to the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act significantly improved the law and imposed, among other things, stiffer fines for contractors who failed to provide workers’ compensation coverage to employees.

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