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        Evaluating Nursing Homes & Long-Term Care Facilities

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        I went to the state’s website for information on nursing homes in my area for placement of my mother. The information on inspections is old. How do I get current information to compare facilities?


        Unfortunately, state inspections of long-term care facilities happen, at best, on an annual basis and the information regarding any violations is slow to be updated for review online. However, facilities are required by law to make information regarding their most recent inspection available upon request.

        Knowing what appeared on previous inspections (as posted on the state’s website) can help you to know what questions to ask, such as how a violation has been corrected and/or resolved. But state inspections are rarely done without prior notification and therefore, do not represent conditions found as a matter of routine.

        Poor quality of care for residents within long-term care facilities are often masked by the presentation of an environment that appears organized and clean. During a random review of the information provided online, fifty-percent of listed facilities with multiple violations in previous years received new or recurring violations, equal or greater in number than previous years, suggesting that state inspections and imposed fines are ineffective against dangerous conditions that lead to preventable illness and injury, abuse and neglect.

        Evaluating a facility for the potential care of your loved one is a process that must be done ultimately in person, and approached from several vital avenues. Knowing what questions to ask beforehand and what to look for can help safeguard your loved one from injury, abuse, neglect and other issues that constitute inadequate care.

        Clifford Horwitz

        Clifford Horwitz

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