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        I was Injured on a City Road Two Years Ago

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        About 2 years ago I was driving in E. St. Louis IL and I came to a four-way stop. I made the stop, then proceeded to make a left turn. During my turn, the road caved in an my whole vehicle fell through the road. The cause was a watermain break.

        At the time I was totally confused about what had happened and was a little sore but not injured and didn’t seek any care. Since this incident I have been having a lot of back trouble, just wondering if there was anything I could do for my back troubles with the city since it has been a couple years.

        –Stacey, Belleville, IL


        Unfortunately for you, the statute of limitations in Illinois against a municipality is one year! Hence, I see no recourse against the City. However, if a contractor is the reason for the problem, then the statute of limitations is either two years or four years, depending on the nature of the work.

        Not getting medical treatment after an accident is food for the insurance companies. They love that and will repeatedly use it against you.

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