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        I’m Under 20, Injured and Depressed. Do I have a Case?

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        Being in a car accident, not being at fault, other car got ticket from running stop light. hitting me.

        I herniated few discs, my life had to change, can’t do much now, no sports etc. Constant year-long headache, neck pain. Depression, anxiety, tons of meds. and I’m under 20 years old.
        Is this a good case? Common case? What is a good settlement amount for such damage? I’m seeing many doctors.



        Remember, your communications between your attorney and you would be confidential. Hence, there will be no reason to be anonymous. As for the injuries, if the injuries are what you describe and they are related to the accident, the value of the case would be great. There is, of course, no way to evaluate the true value of a case with the limited information as provided here. You can look at our website and see what we have recovered for lesser injuries. That might help your inquiry.

        The obvious advice is that with the injuries you describe, it would be a major mistake to prosecute the claim without an attorney. You could not recover anywhere near what a competent attorney could get for you. In addition, when you talk to the defendant, you are making them a witness to your version of the accident. You are talking with your enemy and providing them with information you should only be providing to your attorney.

        Please get an attorney, for your sake.

        Clifford Horwitz

        Clifford Horwitz

        As Principal Partner and lead trial lawyer of Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates, Cliff has devoted his entire career to achieving justice for those who have been victimized by corporate negligence. He has won numerous record-setting jury verdicts and settlements, as well as what was the largest personal injury verdict in Illinois for an individual.

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