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        What is the Time Limit to File for an Injury in Illinois?

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        How long does someone have in Illinois to file a personal injury suit after the incident occurs?

        I was injured due to an unsafe parking lot owned by a condo association. I reported the injury to the condo board president by phone and in writing and I also spoke to the association’s insurance agent. The board president and the insurance agent informed me that the board was not liable for anything. Is this true considering that the parking lot is common property and owned by the association?

        I sought medical treatment for my injury and have a detailed file of x-rays and treatments. I have ended my treatments for this injury because there is nothing further the doctor can do.

        –Tricia, Tinley Park IL


        The time period for filing is 2 years from the date of accident. In addition, the owner of a property has a duty to maintain it in a reasonably safe condition.

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