I Drive a Car Carrier…



I drive a car carrier. When attempting to back a full-sized pickup on the rack above the the tractor I first had to remove the bed cover because not all buttons snapped on. When I completed doing this, started to back the truck up on the rack of the carrier. When I got out of the vehicle after backing it on I reached up to hold on to the roof of the pickup since there was nothing else to hold onto, not realizing the slippery substance on my hands from the reconditioning shops preparing the bed cover to appear shiny and new.
I then felt my hands sliding off from the roof after repeatedly trying to grab on, feeling myself losing balance causing me to fall from the top of the carrier which was about a 10-12 foot drop. I landed on my feet which was quite a fall for a man my size. I’m 6 feet, 225 lbs.
I was in the hospital for 5 days. I have to have a hospital bed in my first-floor living room because the pain is too great to go upstairs to my bedroom to sleep with my wife. I’m still in as much pain as the first day this incident happened.

–Patrick, Manheim, PA


I suggest you look at a products liability claim against the manufacturer of the truck. Was the ingress to the location where you were going safe? Did it have proper handrails situated in an ergonomically acceptable way?
Falls from vehicles is the most common injury affecting operators. We are currently prosecuting a case against General Motors due to someone falling from their construction scraper. We have alleged the vehicle had improper handrails and foot supports or steps. The victim fell also and broke his neck. These falls are very dangerous.
You should also look at filing a Workers Compensation claim.
I strongly suggest you contact a Pennsylvania personal injury trial lawyer who is aggressive and has the money and power to prosecute this type of case. These cases require vigorous prosecution and a real passion for prevailing on behalf of the injury victim, like you.
I wish I could be of help to you as you are obviously suffering. However, we are not permitted to practice in PA. We are only licensed in IL. However, PA government is a good one and the laws are reasonable there. Please find a personal injury specialist.