I was Injured in a Hardware Store and Want to Know What to Settle For



I was shopping at a hardware store when a stack of pails filled with candles came crashing into my leg. It was very painful and I want to be compensaited for my agony. What should I settle for? Veins have surfaced and the shin bone is still tender to the touch. I am 70 years old.

–Bernice, S. Hadley, MA


You are asking me what your case should settle for. However, if I told you that without seeing your medical records and bill and without knowing more than one sentence about the case, would I be doing you justice? Wouldn’t I be making a misrepresentation to you, not caring anything about the individual nature of your pain, suffering and injuries? Any attorney who does that shouldn’t be hired in my opinion.
I can tell you that defendant will defend the case saying they didn’t know that their pails could fall on you and then they will blame you for making them fall. It’s a typical defense tactic.
My advice to you is 1) do not give any statements; 2) contact local counsel in Massachusetts for professional, credible and personalized advice.