Nursing Home Neglect: Resident Endured Leg Amputation


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Infection Leads to Leg Amputation

Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates nursing home department negotiated a favorable settlement for a client whose brief stay in a nursing home resulted in a tragic leg amputation.  The client contracted bacteria in his left foot while staying in the rehabilitation department of the facility.
Nurses and CNAs responsible for our client failed to perform thorough skin and body assessments.  As a result, the bacterial infection spread up his foot and into portions of his leg.  The infection was severe and life-threatening.   In order to survive, the client had to have his leg amputated.  Had the nursing home staff caught the injury before it progressed, the client may not have had to endure the life-changing surgery.  The staff members responsible for the health and well-being of our client were the direct cause of his injury.

Nursing Home Previously Cited

Prior to this incident, surveys conducted by the Illinois Department of Public Health indicated that the nursing home had been cited repeatedly for deficiencies in monitoring residents.  The facility stated it would ensure the deficiencies were corrected.  It submitted a plan of correction to IDPH indicating it would in-service staff members on proper assessments of residents, specifically related to decubitus ulcers and other skin-related wounds.  As was evident from our client’s injury, the nursing home staff did not learn nor correct their behavior.

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Our attorney fought on behalf of our client to ensure the facility was held responsible for not following through with its plan of care.
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