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        Bicycle Accidents

        I Was In an Accident with an Uber Driver, What Should I Do?

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        Uber boasts more than 8 million people use their service with over 300,000 drivers on the road in the U.S., according to Business Insider.

        Ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft provide what can be seen as a convenient method of transportation. But there are also risks associated with services like these.

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        Common Brain Injuries from Automobile Accidents

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        Many people underestimate the force of a car accident until they experience one firsthand. In addition to the property damage, an unexpected jolt to the neck or blow to the head can cause lifelong disabilities or worse.

        According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, car crashes are responsible for more than 14 percent of all brain injuries in the United States. A traumatic brain injury can have one or several symptoms. WebMD reminds readers that it is critical to see a physician if they notice persistent headaches, dizziness or confusion after a wreck.

        Treating a brain injury is often exorbitantly expensive. Some patients require multiple surgeries and months of rehabilitation; others can never return to their career or enjoy the lifestyle they had before the accident. This is where an accident lawyer may be able to help.

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        The Horwitz Brothers – They’re Far Smarter Than the Average Bear – and Lawyer

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        LeadingLawyers Magazine recently published their Consumer Edition for 2016, featuring an article on Clifford and Mitchell Horwitz!

        The article titled, “The Horwitz Brothers – They’re Far Smarter Than the Average Bear – and Lawyer” takes a look into the development of not only the brothers’ unique focuses in injury and workers’ compensation law, but also the unique legal strategies they have developed along the way – strategies that shed light on how devoted they are to helping those who have been injured in Illinois.

        We are proud to congratulate Clifford Horwitz, Mitchell Horwitz, Marc Perper, Wayne Newman, Jay Luchsinger, Michael Wierzbicki and Michael Carter, seven partners at our firm, who have been honored by their peers as Leading Lawyers, a distinction earned by fewer than five percent of all lawyers licensed to practice law in Illinois. We also are proud to congratulate Tyler Berberich who was selected as an Emerging Lawyer – a distinction earned by less than 2% of all lawyers licensed to practice law in Illinois.

        We are especially excited to congratulate Mitchell Horwitz, who earned the honor of being listed as one of the Top 10 Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in Illinois. Mitch was voted No. 6 – moving up 4 spots from last year – through a survey of his peers conducted by LeadingLawyers.
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        What Juries Do Not Know – The Truth About Insurance and Trial Lawyers

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        What Juries Do Not Know

        99% of trials in personal injury cases are about insurance.  What juries do not know, is that the true battle is between the injured individual and the insurance carrier who represents an individual or corporation who is being sued.  The jury is led to believe that the Defendant is an individual or a corporation, but the case is really about his insurance policy and the insurance company… and the droves of attorneys for the insurance company who will fight not to compensate fairly and pay what’s due.

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        What Kind of Automobile Insurance Do I Need?

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        Suffering the Misery of Not Having Enough Insurance

        For a Few Hundred or Less, You can Protect Yourself

        Home and automobile insurance has changed and policy liability limits are so confusing many simply don’t realize they’re underinsured by today’s realities of risk. A frightening few have protection in the event of a severe injury, leading to a life devastated by bankruptcy, poverty and suffering.

        What most fail to realize is that greater liability protection has never been more affordable or necessary. One simply has to ask for it, which is part of the problem. First, you have to be aware of it.

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        Common Causes of Wrongful Death in Illinois

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        Losing a loved one is a tragedy that no one should have to endure. When that loss is caused by the negligence of another, the aftermath can be even more traumatic. Although no amount of compensation can undo the emotional hardship, a Chicago wrongful death attorney may be able to help.

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        Chicago Accident Attorney Discusses 4 Innovative Motorcycle Safety Features

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        Few experiences can match the adrenaline rush of riding a motorcycle, but this comes with a life-threatening risk. Thousands of bikers each year are involved in serious collisions resulting in serious injuries. Victims of such injuries can often turn to an accident lawyer to help them with their difficult situation.

        Safety is now at the forefront of motorcycle development. Manufacturers are introducing new technologies to prevent crashes and protect riders who fall victim to other drivers’ negligence. First, it is important to understand some common causes of motorcycle accidents – described by an Illinois motorcycle accident attorney. Then, let’s look at some innovative and exciting developments in motorcycle safety.

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        Safety Tips to Prevent Bicycle Accidents from a Chicago Injury Lawyer

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        3 Safety Tips to Help Prevent Bicycle Accidents

        Chicago is a sprawling metropolis that is bustling with activity at every turn. Traffic can be a nightmare, and this congestion can be dangerous for bikers.

        Bikes are difficult to see compared to cars, trucks, buses and other vehicles. Unfortunately, even with adequate protection, cyclists are susceptible to catastrophic injuries resulting from bicycle accidents.

        Cyclists often suffer traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries, along with many others. each of which can affect their quality of life.

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        Tips for Driving in Heavy Traffic from a Chicago Accident Attorney

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        5 Tips for Driving in Heavy Traffic from a Chicago Accident Attorney

        Traffic is not only a frustration for people with busy schedules, but it is also a dangerous hazard for all road users. When traffic slows unexpectedly, there is an increased risk of rear-end accidents, and frayed tempers can lead to poor decisions.

        If you regularly find yourself in traffic as many of us do in Chicago, there are several tips that you can use to reduce the risk of a collision.

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        My 5-Year Old was Hit by a Car. Can I Sue for Medical Bills?

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        My 3-year-old had just crossed the street as I had told them to do, to come home from a friend’s house, and my 5-year-old was coming across the street as I was watching her. No one saw the car coming from the other end of the street. This is a dead end street, and there are kids all over the place.

        The car struck my daughter, and she landed onto the side of the car, and her bike flew under the car. She landed on her face, and then started to crawl to me. I stopped her and made her lay still until the ambulance could come.

        She went to the hospital, where she had many bruises and bumps, and had cut the inside of her lip very bad and it was swollen. She has to wear a soft cast on her neck, because she has fractured her neck. She was prescribed medicine for her pain. She will be out of school and daycare for at least 10 days, and i will not be able to go to work.

        I have no idea how to handle this. The lady that hit her lives just a couple of houses down, and knows that there are kids playing in this area all the time. She even stated that her boyfriend or some man had told her just as she was leaving that there were kids playing in the road. They were not my kids, but someone else’s, but still, she should have been a little more attentive.

        She never even showed a little bit of sorrow or empathy, to even ask if she could pay the doctor’s bills, or if the baby was okay.

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