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        Bicycle Accidents

        Personal Injury Lawyer News in Chicago: Widower Files Lawsuit After Accident and More

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        Illinois Wrongful Death Accidents

        Fatal Bicycle Accident

        Last month, Su Ai Xie was riding her bike when a commercial van swerved and struck her. She fell to the ground and suffered fatal injuries, dying only a few minutes after the collision. Onlookers managed to record the van’s license plate number as the driver sped away.

        Police spent two hours tracking down the van and discovered it was registered to Brookwood Builders Inc. An employee named Gabriel Herrera was on a work errand and driving to a building-supply store when accident occurred, fatally strucking Xie while she was on her bicycle.

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        Accident Lawyer News: Hit-and-Run Roundup

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        Illinois Hit and Run Accidents

        Hit-and-run accidents are a growing problem all across the nation, and they occur more often than you’d think. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety estimates that hit-and-run drivers cause 11 percent of all crashes in the United States. If the foundation’s numbers are correct, there were approximately 617,000 hit-and-run accidents in 2012.

        Of course, some of these accidents only involve property damage, but many hit-and-run drivers injure bicyclists and pedestrians each year. As you might imagine, most car accidents involving pedestrians end in tragedy.

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        Rating Insurance Carriers

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        President-elect Barack Obama inspired a nation to act as one voice; to collectively gather on the ground and in cyberspace so that the ultimate promise of a new direction became more than political rhetoric.  A new and undeniable mandate by an engaged people was born; a collective movement, which can and should be used to create change at the state level regarding the out-of-control insurance industry.

        The issues hurting Illinois consumers — who are required by law to maintain insurance coverage for personal property liability — are two fold; expensive, unregulated premiums and delay in payment tactics that await them when a claim is submitted.

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