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        Should Our Attorney Know the Insurance Company Went Bankrupt?

        150 150 Clifford Horwitz


        My husband was injured 9 years ago. His case was finally won in September of 2002 after years and years of appeals. We are now told today that the insurance company has gone bankrupt and that the money is now backed by the State of illinois.

        We have some serious doubts about the way our lawyer has handled the case. We would like another lawyer to review the records to make sure everything is on the up and up.

        The insurance company had offered settlements, was it not up to our lawyer to tell us the insurance company was going bankrupt?

        So much of this makes no sense. This is a well-known group of attorneys in Chicago and we would like some advice.

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        My Divorce Attorney Worked Against Me

        150 150 Clifford Horwitz


        I need to preface a bit, before asking my question. I do realize most attorneys look down with disdain upon former clients of lawyers (even if unethical in conduct) for seeking help, however hope you will please be unbiased in your thinking.

        Given that it is realistically an impossible feat for a wronged former client especially without means for counsel to prevail in the court of a lawyer’s own peer stomping grounds even if the said lawyer was unethical… in my search for justice the consumer fraud laws seemed like my best shot.

        However, I read that in 2002 the OHIO revised consumer laws exempted attorneys from accountability for deceptive business practice. Since I am only a layman, it is extremely difficult for me to find and interpret laws, etc… would you know if the Ohio consumer protection laws have changed in any way in this case? Or if there is any manner within those consumer laws if I could still find recourse?

        I “had” by my own lawyer in my suit against my husband of 32 years for divorce who found it more advantageous for her to work rather against myself her client than work for me in what should have been a no-brainer prevailing case containing substantial marital wealth which was straight forward. And please give me the benefit of the doubt that I speak with objective truth. Appreciate ahead any thoughts.

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