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        Truck Accident

        9 Kids Hurt in Bus Crash, and Other Injury Lawyer News

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        In general, school buses are the safest vehicles for children to ride in to class, because of both their size and safety features. In fact, most of the people who die in school-bus crashes are drivers and passengers in other vehicles. However, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that approximately 19 children die in these accidents every year.

        Many more suffer injuries. CBS Chicago reports that a public school-bus driver accidentally struck a metal beam while making a turn. The accident quickly became bizarre when the driver neglected to stop the bus or even call for emergency assistance.

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        Illinois Accident Lawyer News: Distracted-Driving Roundup

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        Are Hands-Free Devices Safe?

        Which is worse: using a handheld cell phone or using a hands-free device while driving? Forbes reports that approximately 80 percent of Americans believe that hands-free phones are safe to use in the car. In reality, though, neither of these options are acceptable.

        This question, which is part of a poll conducted by the National Safety Council, exposes the need for driver education, because using a hands-free device is not a responsible choice.

        This is not a new development in the world of driver safety. In 2011, the National Transportation Safety Board advised that the government ban all use of cell phones while driving. Last year, AAA conducted a study that proved that hands-free devices drastically impair drivers’ reaction times.

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        Trucker Kills Illinois DOT Worker in Tollway Crash, Pleads Not Guilty

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        Renato Velasquez entered a not guilty plea through his attorney, Steven Goldman. Goldman said, “As expected, he’s concerned.” The fatal crash that killed Illinois Department of Transportation Tollway worker, Vincent Petrella, and injured Illinois State Trooper, Douglas Balder, occured on January 27, 2014.

        Trooper Balder was working to remove a stalled semi-truck along with the help of Tollway worker, Vincent Petrella. Initial investigations state that a semi-tractor trailer ahead of Velasquez’s 18-wheeler moved out of the right-hand land in order to avoid hitting the vehicles. However, Velasquez continued on, crahsing into the tollway vehicle.

        Illinois Tollway worker, Vincent Petrella, died at the scene of the accident, while Illinois State Trooper, Douglas Balder, escaped death after suffering life-threatening injuries including: bleeding on the brain, third-degree burns, and broken ribs.

        Illinois State Police Captain, Patrick Kimes, said, “He is still intensive care, but every day he is improving just a little bit… It’s tremedously difficult. We’re very thankful that he survived this incident.”

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        Who are the Good and Bad Automobile Insurance Companies?

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        Who are the good and bad automobile insurance companies?

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        September is Pain Awareness Month

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        September is designated as National Pain Awareness Month. The purpose of Pain Awareness Month is to bring attention to the very real physical suffering of an estimated 75 million Americans and to highlight the need for research and new, innovative treatment options. Pain touches everyone at one time or another. Pain does not discriminate; however, its treatment does. For many, pain goes away on its own or after a short course of treatment. But for others, pain becomes all-consuming, affecting every aspect of their lives. Here at Horwitz Horwitz and Associates we recognize the many clients who have been injured on the job or who have been in an accident and now experience pain every day.

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        Leading Lawyers - Personal Injury and Workers Compensation Attorneys

        Leading Lawyers: 4 Partners at Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates

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        We congratulate Clifford Horwitz, Mitchell Horwitz, Jay Luchsinger, and Marc Perper, four partners at Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates, who have been honored by their peers as Leading Lawyers, a distinction earned by fewer than five percent of all lawyers licensed to practice law in Illinois.

        Mitch Horwitz, who leads the workers’ compensation team was named one of the Top 10 Workers Compensation Lawyers in Illinois.

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        Motorcycle Collides with Truck on I-80

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        Illinois Motorcycle Accidents

        Motorcycle and Truck Collide

        Over the past two days, there have been two horrific collisions between motorcycles and trucks. During the summer months, motorcycle riding increases and it is essential that everyone be aware of their surroundings while on the road.

        Below are two accounts in the last two days of a collision between motorcyclists and trucks on I-80.

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        Rating Insurance Carriers

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        President-elect Barack Obama inspired a nation to act as one voice; to collectively gather on the ground and in cyberspace so that the ultimate promise of a new direction became more than political rhetoric.  A new and undeniable mandate by an engaged people was born; a collective movement, which can and should be used to create change at the state level regarding the out-of-control insurance industry.

        The issues hurting Illinois consumers — who are required by law to maintain insurance coverage for personal property liability — are two fold; expensive, unregulated premiums and delay in payment tactics that await them when a claim is submitted.

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