How to Determine Fault When Dangerous Road Conditions Cause Accidents

Vehicle accidents occur in a wide variety of ways in Chicago and throughout Illinois. Often, these incidents are caused by the negligence of other drivers. However, vehicle accidents can also be determined by dangerous roadway conditions. Here, we want to discuss how fault is determined for an accident caused by dangerous conditions on the roadway. In some cases, other drivers may hold liability, but fault may also fall on municipalities or construction companies.

How to Determine Fault When Dangerous Road Conditions Cause Accidents

What Dangerous Conditions Lead to Accidents?

Roadways can become dangerous in various ways. However, some of the most common causes of roadway hazards in and around Chicago include the following:

  1. Potholes. There is no hiding from potholes in Chicago. Any road that is not regularly maintained can develop potholes, and this can create very dangerous situations for drivers. Not only can potholes cause immense vehicle damage, but they can also cause drivers to lose control of their vehicle and slam into other vehicles or objects.
  2. Missing barriers and guardrails. There are many roads throughout Chicago and around the city that have guardrails, or at least they should have guardrails. Guardrails are put into place to accommodate high-speed traffic areas to help keep drivers from traveling off the roadway. If guardrails are missing, this can lead to devastating accidents.
  3. Missing road signs. Every driver relies on road signs, including stop signs, yield signs, directional traffic signs, intersection warning signs, construction warning signs, and speed limits. If these appropriate signs are missing, it can create significant hazards on the roadway.
  4. Confusing road signs. All road signs should be uniform so that drivers know what they mean right when they see them. Additionally, road signs should not contradict one another, particularly when they are close by.
  5. Unannounced road surface changes. Anytime the road surface changes abruptly, there should be a sign indicating the change. This is often a problem when there is construction happening on the roadway or around overpasses, tunnels, or bridges. When the road surface changes abruptly, drivers need to know ahead of time so they are not caught off guard.
  6. Poorly painted lines. The lines on the roadway need to be visible and put down in a way that makes sense for drivers. If lines are faded or not present at all, this can lead to significant confusion and accidents.

Municipalities are typically responsible for roadway maintenance, but there are times when construction companies are also responsible for road safety. In the event a hazardous condition was caused by another party, and this led to an accident, it may be possible to hold these other parties responsible for the incident.

Working With an Attorney

If you or somebody you care about has sustained an injury or property damage in a car accident caused by hazardous roadway conditions in Chicago, you need to speak to a skilled attorney today. A car accident lawyer in Chicago will work diligently to help you secure total compensation for your losses. It is important to point out that filing a claim against a municipality or a construction company can be challenging, but an attorney will stand by your side the entire way. They will investigate the incident, gather the evidence needed to prove liability, and handle all negotiations with other parties. The ultimate goal is to recover compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, property damage expenses, and more.