How can I increase my settlement value?

If you were injured due to someone else’s negligence, you can file an insurance claim against them. This allows you to recover compensation for your medical bills, property damage, and suffering caused by the other person’s carelessness.

Ideally, you’ll receive the maximum amount possible, but what can you do if the insurance company doesn’t offer much? Is there a way to increase the settlement value? Fortunately, a skilled Chicago personal injury attorney from Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates can give you advice to achieve the best possible outcome.

how to increase settlement value

What factors influence a settlement offer?

From your side of things, you will collect all your receipts and put together an estimate of your current and projected expenses. This includes all your medical bills, rehabilitation costs, repair estimates, and an amount your attorney believes will be needed for you to fully recover. You want to have every penny the injury has cost you to be returned to you.

Insurance companies do whatever they can to minimize or deny your claim because every claim they pay takes away from their profits. Insurance fraud is real, but adjusters often make outrageous claims that you aren’t really hurt, that you caused your injury, or that your injury isn’t related to their client’s actions. They will likely haggle to reduce the payout after starting with an insultingly low number.

Instead of just accepting their first offer, it’s crucial to recognize how to increase your settlement value with bonafide negotiation techniques. Your Chicago personal injury lawyer will help you avoid settling too soon to secure the most satisfactory amount in your specific case.

What strategies will increase your personal injury settlement?

Even if you played a part in an accident where you were harmed, such as a car crash, you still have the right to seek compensation in an insurance claim. You also deserve to do what you can to increase the settlement value whenever possible.

Here are some tried-and-true strategies.

Get medical attention

To show medical records, you must get treated. Do this as soon as possible after you’re hurt, ideally within 24-48 hours. If there are medical personnel responding to your situation, let them evaluate and treat you. These records establish a direct link between the other person’s actions and your injuries, which is vital for proving they were negligent and at fault.

Gather all relevant evidence

Robust evidence is critical. For example, take photos of your injuries, the accident scene, and anything else showing what happened and who is at fault. Get contact info for witnesses so your attorney can interview them. Request a police accident report for car crashes.

Your medical records will also go a long way to showing how much you were hurt. Do whatever you can to get as much evidence as possible.

Contact a personal injury lawyer

The first way to increase your settlement value is to get professional legal help. Hiring a personal injury attorney in Chicago prevents you from making costly mistakes during negotiation. They can also help you understand the insurance claim process and have conversations with the insurance provider for you. If you’re worried about the cost, our attorneys offer a free initial consultation so you can understand your options.

Determine and demonstrate liability

Evidence tying your injuries to the defendant’s actions and supporting your claim for damages (your bills and expenses) is used to establish liability. Your personal injury lawyer will investigate to determine all liable parties and connect their negligence to your harm. This link allows you to strengthen your request for compensation.

Assess your damages

Damages are paid to cover all your expenses and costs associated with recovering from your injuries. A full estimate, including future care costs, is important to ensure you aren’t left facing unexpected medical expenses once your claim has been closed. Your attorney can discuss the average settlement for your kind of case and what you should be able to get.

Track your expenses closely, including doctor visits, medical costs, property repair estimates, lost income, and other ways the injury has financially inconvenienced you. When you share this with your attorney, it’s much easier for them to negotiate from a strong footing to get a better settlement.

Where can I learn more about increasing my settlement value?

To discuss your unique circumstances for free, contact Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation consultation with a skilled Chicago personal injury attorney. Call us at (800) 985-1819 or use our online form today.