Do insurance claims differ for accidents caused by faulty traffic lights?

One common assertion a driver may make after a collision is that the traffic signal wasn’t working correctly, causing the accident.

It’s frustrating to navigate an intersection with a broken or malfunctioning traffic signal and dangerous for drivers who don’t remember Illinois rules for right-of-way in these situations. An inaccurately programmed traffic control device could cause collisions at intersections, injuring drivers, passengers, and pedestrians.

So, how do you handle an insurance claim for an accident caused by faulty traffic lights? Getting the money you need to cover your losses is easier when you work with an experienced Chicago car accident lawyer from Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates.

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Chicago traffic accidents caused by faulty traffic control devices

Traffic signals are programmed to facilitate the safe flow of traffic. Many rely on sensors on the ground and the device itself. Others have preset timers, with the light duration varying at different times of day. Many also have sensors that detect an emergency vehicle and give the ambulance, police car, or fire truck a green light as it approaches.

However, like any electronic device, traffic signals can malfunction. Many drivers anticipate a specific amount of time to make it through an intersection, especially on familiar routes. If a light suddenly changes due to malfunction, the driver could end up in the intersection when they shouldn’t be and be a victim of a deadly head-on or T-bone collision.

What should I do after an accident involving a faulty traffic light?

Filing an insurance claim after an accident involving a malfunctioning traffic light can be a lot more complicated than others.

Blaming the traffic signal may sound like an excuse instead of an explanation. The responding police officer has likely heard these words hundreds of times, as has any insurance adjuster. Unfortunately, it’s easier to believe that you ran a red light.

After giving your statement to police at the scene, try to get the contact information of any witnesses who can back up your claim. Take as many photos and videos as you can safely manage. Turn everything over to your attorney, who may be able to uncover additional evidence of what happened.

Do I need a lawyer in a defective traffic signal accident claim?

Working with an attorney who has experience with these kinds of cases can significantly improve your chances for a better outcome. A lawyer may have access to resources you don’t and could subpoena that operations log for the traffic signal.

Another problem you could encounter is getting the municipality responsible for operating the traffic light to pay for your losses. You could file a suit against the city or county, claiming that they failed in their duty to ensure safe roads. If the light or signal wasn’t programmed or maintained properly and failed to work, then the government could be liable for the crash.

Filing a case against the city of Chicago or another municipality is best left to an attorney familiar with the limitations of sovereign immunity.

Hurt in a crash caused by a faulty traffic light? We can help.

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