Can my license be suspended for an unpaid insurance claim?

Wondering if your license can be suspended for an unpaid insurance claim? The simple answer is yes, it can be, although there are nuances that you should understand.

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can my license be suspended for an unpaid insurance claim

Why would my license be suspended?

If you have a suspended license due to insurance, that often means that you were in a car accident that you caused, and the other driver filed a claim against you for their damages. You may expect your insurance company to handle this process for you, and most of the time, it is their responsibility to do so. However, they may deny the claim, or if there is a long delay in paying it, you may see your license suspended by the state.

For example, if you are in an accident and the other driver is claiming significant injuries, your insurance company may refute some or all of those claims. This may lead to them denying the claim. Even if they are still working on coming to an agreement or the case is heading to court, the state may take action to suspend your license as a way to encourage payment of the losses.

Valid reasons to suspend an Illinois license

The insurance company cannot suspend your license, but they can file a complaint with the state due to the nonpayment. If you have been ordered by the court to make payment of fees or fines that are associated with an insurance claim, and you fail to make those claims, then the state may decide to suspend your license until you make that payment.

The length of this suspension is dependent on various factors. It may last for 30 days or may carry on for several years. This is often due to the circumstances in the case and whether or not you have made payment as required by the courts.

If you believe that your license was suspended without fault, and you do not believe the other driver should have the right to compensation in your case, it is critical that you seek out legal support from a car accident attorney who can fight to protect your right to drive. Our dedicated and experienced attorneys will work to defend your rights and help you minimize the risk of loss related to unfounded claims.

How to check if your license is suspended

If you are facing challenges like this, it can help to know how to check to see if your license plant is suspended in Illinois so you are not driving on suspended plates. To do this, visit the Illinois Secretary of State. You can use this site to help you determine the status of your license plate.

To determine if your license (not your license plate) is suspended, you can visit the same website to make sure any fees are paid. You can also call the Illinois Secretary of State Driver Services Department at 217-782-3720 to gather more information.

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