How Do I Recover Continuing Medical Bills After an Accident?



I am a cab driver. I was hit by a drunk driver in 2001. The State charged him for DUI but could not convict as blood report could not be opened because the nurse did not show up in court. I think he had DUI violation in the past too.
My taxi was totalled. Insurance company paid for my vehicle, tax difference, loss of wages and loss of lease to my company. I recovered these myself even by going to court myself and fighting.
I was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. I had severe pain in my neck, shoulder, head which subsided within hours. Nothing was found through X-rays.
After few months I had severe pain again. I informed other insurance comapny. I went to one physiotherapist. He gave me approx 20 sessions. I still have pain, some type of kink in my neck. I could not go for MRI although doctor suggested. I have all the documentation.
Now medical bills for approx $12K and pain and suffering to be recovered.
The other driver had basic insurance coverage. My taxi had liability coverage for $350K, as per city law. I am scared about my old age. What can I do?

–Mr. K, Chicago


Your job is to find a great trial lawyer and a great physician. The trial lawyer can answer all your questions. Importantly, you need to get quality medical treatment and get the MRI. The injury needs to be proved and your case needs to be filed if you are going to receive any justice. I believe you will likely have to file an underinsured motorist claim also.