Who’s in charge of nursing home investigations in Illinois?

Are you concerned that your loved one may be suffering from abuse or neglect at their nursing home facility?  If so, you may be online searching for information about nursing home investigations and who investigates nursing homes under suspicion of abuse or neglect.

Multiple parties are often involved in nursing home investigations, making a complex situation even more complicated. When you get help from an experienced and compassionate Chicago nursing home abuse lawyer at Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates, you can get the answers you are looking for and hold liable parties accountable for their negligence and misconduct.

nursing home investigations

Who investigates nursing home abuse?

Nursing home abuse is a serious cause for concern across Illinois. As such, several government agencies and organizations are involved in nursing home abuse investigations. Many of these parties are known as investigators, law enforcement officials, public workers, or personal injury attorneys.

The Illinois Department of Public Health, Department on Aging

When you file a nursing home abuse complaint with the Illinois Department of Public Health (DPH) or Illinois Department on Aging, Illinois DPH investigators will oversee your complaint and determine whether to open up an investigation into the nursing home facility, healthcare providers, nursing home administrators, and potentially the nursing home’s parent company.

If the Illinois DPH determines nursing home abuse has occurred, they have the authority to go as far as shutting down the facility if they believe nursing home residents are in immediate jeopardy. They can also pull the nursing home facility’s license, suspend or revoke nursing home healthcare provider medical licenses, and impose fines and sanctions.

The Illinois State Police and local law enforcement officials

Local law enforcement officials and the Illinois State Police may become involved in nursing home abuse investigations when criminal charges apply. This is particularly true in instances where nursing home administrators or healthcare providers are physically assaulting or sexually abusing their patients.

Criminal charges may also apply in instances of financial abuse where healthcare providers and other at-fault parties steal from their patients, commit Medicare fraud, unlawfully change their patient’s estate plans, or otherwise violate local or state laws.

Your Illinois nursing home abuse lawyer

Your nursing home abuse lawyer will also conduct an investigation. When you contact a Chicago personal injury attorney for help, one of the first steps in the claims process is the investigation.

Your attorney will need to gather compelling evidence that proves liability based on a preponderance of the evidence, which is the burden of proof in civil claims. This might include:

  • Video footage of abuse or neglect
  • The nursing home resident’s medical records
  • Testimony from other nursing home staff or patients
  • Statements from witnesses to the neglect or abuse
  • The nursing home patient’s testimony
  • Photos of the nursing home resident’s injuries
  • Financial records and bank statements

These are just a few examples of evidence that your Chicago personal injury lawyer might use to support your case. Not only will we be responsible for thoroughly investigating how the nursing home abuse or neglect occurred, but establishing negligence and liability for your loved one’s damages as well.

We will analyze the evidence in your case to determine whether a claim should be filed against the nursing home facility, your loved one’s healthcare providers, other nursing home administrators or staff, the nursing home’s parent company, or other third parties.

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As can be seen, there are often multiple parties involved in nursing home investigations. Make sure you have an experienced and knowledgeable legal advocate on your side who can help you take action in civil court, deal with the insurance company, and fight to have criminal charges filed where appropriate.

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