How Long is My Case Going to Take?

When someone has suffered a serious personal injury, their lives and that of their entire family are affected. In addition to the difficulties often associated with recovery from the injury itself, normal work and family routines are often interrupted adding to the burden.
You want and need answers as medical bills and lost wages mount.

Our Chicago Personal Injury Attorneys are very sensitive to the needs of our clients and work hard to bring cases to a full and just end as quickly as possible. That being said, it’s impossible to accurately determine how long any recovery will take.
When choosing a personal injury attorney it is important to understand that liability insurance companies clearly understand which law firms have the experience and the resources to take a case to trial if a just and fair settlement cannot be reached out of court.
They also are quite familiar with attorneys and firms who are quick to settle a case, regardless of whether such a settlement is full or just for the client.

Our Reputation Matters

Insurance companies also have large teams of attorneys who routinely delay, deny and dispute claims of liability, file court motions to dismiss, and deploy other legal roadblock strategies in hopes that you will cave and settle for less than you deserve out of desperation and mounting bills.
The attorneys at Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates are known for aggressive representation on behalf of clients, including preparing for trial from the start, as well as having the investigative and expert resources necessary to win.
Liability insurance companies know our record of success and know we will not settle for less than what our clients deserve, which often works to our client’s advantage.
There is, however, no crystal ball that can guarantee your case will be quickly settled. If your case goes to trial, it can be many months, if not years before a jury trial is successfully won.

Protect Your Rights

A free consultation with our firm can help ease your fears and protect your rights.
Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates invites you for a free telephone or in person consultation to discuss your accident and any questions you may have. You can also email us or even speak with us right now on LiveChat. Even if you do not wish to retain an attorney, we can set you on the right path for free. Most of our lawyers have more than 30 years of experience and we have an outstanding track record in helping our clients and creating a strong trust relationship, as you can see in our Success Records. Please call our Chicago office at (312) 372-8822, or our Joliet office at (815) 723-8822, or you can call our toll free number at (800)-985-1819.