Should I Sign Medical Release the Work Comp Insurance Company Gave Me?

It is our recommendation that you should not sign any papers that an insurance company gives you without consulting an attorney.
After you are hurt at work, the insurance company will supply you with a release so that they can speak to any doctor you’ve ever seen – from birth until now – any hospital, they can get any records, talk to any physician, and there is no reason to provide them with a general release that allows them to speak to doctors that did not treat you for the injury.
In fact, there’s no reason to allow them to speak to any doctor, period. They have no right to speak to a doctor.
What the employer does have a right to is to see your medical records following the injury, and what we allow – what we provide to employers – are medical records, are releases, so they can see the medical records for the injury suffered by the injured worker. That is what they are entitled to see, so that is what we supply them.
What you will receive from an insurance company is a release to allow them to speak to your doctor, which is not allowed in our view. You should not permit.