What is maximum medical improvement? What does it mean for my case?

Maximum medical improvement (MMI) means an individual has reached a point when further recovery or a positive progression in health is no longer expected. This determination can be significant in workers’ compensation benefits moving forward.

Receiving fair compensation from workers’ compensation insurance companies can be challenging, leading to a lapse in treatment and inadequate care. Determining maximum medical improvement is a debated issue in workers’ compensation. It should be addressed by a Chicago workers’ compensation lawyer so that you have every opportunity available to heal and receive fair compensation that can benefit your medical treatment.

maximum medical improvement

How long does it take to reach maximum medical improvement?

The short answer is that no one knows. Reaching MMI is a personal journey, with every injured worker recovering at a different pace according to their capabilities and their body’s response to medical treatment. Determining MMI is critical because it determines workers’ compensation and personal injury claims, along with compensation for future medical needs and lost income an injured Chicago worker should be compensated for.

Determining how long it takes for settlement after insurance companies often question MMI, workers’ compensation attorneys, and lawmakers in Chicago. Until an MMI determination is established, it can be challenging to settle a workers’ compensation claim. Workers settling too early or failing to complete the time-consuming stack of never-ending paperwork often lose out on a settlement or pay for inadequate compensation to provide for ongoing care.

Who determines MMI?

A medical team treating the injuries or illness will determine when MMI has been reached. Showing up for follow-up appointments, prescribed therapies, and diagnostic testing is necessary to help make an appropriate determination. Once a physician has decided MMI has been reached, the workers’ compensation insurance company will likely require an Independent Medical Examination (IME) by a physician approved by the insurance company.

The physician performing the IME, approved by the workers’ compensation insurance company, will also make decisions that impact MMI workers comp. Understanding that your physician does not have to agree with this determination is critical. Working with a supportive personal medical physician and healthcare team and driven Chicago workers’ compensation lawyer is crucial to the outcome of your claim and future support.

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Chicago workers suffering from work-related injuries or diseases have the right to an accurate MMI diagnosis and unbiased IME. These determinations significantly impact the outcome of a workers’ compensation claim. Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates is dedicated to helping working Chicago employees receive fair compensation.

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