What should I do if the truck company denies liability for the crash?

After being in a truck crash, you can expect the trucker’s insurance company to act in their own best interest. They’re not looking out for you – they may try to deny your claim or outright refuse to cooperate.

The good news? You have ways to obtain compensation even if the truck company denies liability and their insurance refuses to pay. Keep reading, then call Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates at (800) 985-1819.

truck company denying liability

What you can do to build a strong case

Compile evidence

Gather as much information as you can to prove the trucker’s negligence caused the accident. To start, take plenty of pictures of your car, the truck, and any traffic or stop signs immediately after the accident. Do this before the tow truck moves anything.

You should also ask for a copy of the police report. Look around and ask for any witnesses that might have seen the crash. The more evidence you can gather about the accident, the greater the likelihood that you’ll win the case against the trucker’s insurance company.

Prove damages

The trucker’s insurance company will probably try to downplay the amount of damages you seek. They might argue that you’re exaggerating, or they might just ignore you, hoping you’ll forget and drop the issue.

Don’t let them get away with this behavior. Keep receipts, go to the doctor, and gather information about the type of medical care you will need (and how much it will cost).

Keep all of your medical documents and bills in a physical or digital folder. The more evidence you have about the damages you seek to recover, the better.

Don’t accept their first offer

Trucking companies are notorious for offering initial low settlements or payouts. They rarely offer what you are entitled to in the first go-round.

The best way to respond in this situation is to speak to a Chicago truck accident attorney immediately. They will help identify the amount you are legally entitled to and will work hard to help you get it.

Avoid small talk with the insurance adjuster

Insurance adjusters are trained in negotiating and picking up on things, even small talk that they can use against you. Do not trust or be swayed by their nice-sounding apologies.

For example, if they chat with you long enough and convince you they care, you might say something like “I am so glad this wasn’t worse, I’m not feeling too bad.” Now they have evidence straight from you that could undermine the damages you seek from them.

It’s best to let your lawyer communicate with the insurance adjuster. They know how to see through their tricks.

The best way to get what you deserve? Work with a truck accident lawyer.

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