Who is at fault in a chain reaction car accident?

It’s relatively easy to establish blame or “fault” in a two-car collision. In a multi-vehicle or “chain reaction” crash, however, blame can be more difficult to determine.

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who is at fault in a chain reaction car accident

The basics of a chain reaction car accident

As the name implies, a chain reaction car accident occurs when one vehicle hits another, the second vehicle hits another car, and so on.

While it takes a minimum of three vehicles for a chain reaction collision to take place, this kind of crash can potentially involve dozens of vehicles, like the recent crash on I-94 that involved “between 15 and 70 cars.”

Most chain reaction accidents occur during severe weather, such as in heavy snow or ice. As you can imagine, the results can lead to horrible injuries and deaths.

Who’s at fault in a chain reaction car accident?

Most people assume that the person who caused the first collision is to blame for a chain-reaction collision, but that’s not always the case.

Suppose Driver X is behind Driver Z at a red light. Suddenly, Driver Y comes out of nowhere as the light turns green. Driver Z begins to move into the intersection and then quickly brakes to avoid being struck by Driver Y. Driver X followed Driver Z but couldn’t break in time, ultimately striking Driver Z from behind, causing Driver Z to hit another car.

In this instance, Driver X caused the initial impact which then caused Driver Z to hit another car, however, Driver Y is actually to blame. Driver X was following the rules of the road and did nothing wrong.

This, of course, is a very basic example. Chain reaction crashes typically involve more than three cars, making it even more difficult to determine fault. The more vehicles in the accident, the harder it can be to assess blame without the help of an experienced Chicago car accident lawyer.

What role does insurance play in getting compensation?

Even if you’re 100% percent certain you didn’t do anything wrong, the insurance company of the one who did will do everything it can to make it look like you’re responsible. For example, the insurer might claim that their client was only partially at fault and that you share some of the blame because you were negligent.

Unless you have an attorney working on your behalf, it’s going to be almost impossible for you to defeat the insurance company. However, a skilled lawyer will investigate the accident and show proof that you weren’t at all negligent.

Your attorney with Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates will go to the accident scene, interview witnesses, obtain surveillance camera footage, get the police report, and use other methods of gathering critical evidence.

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You can see why it’s difficult to determine fault in a chain reaction car accident. Speaking with a skilled attorney and understanding your options will help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

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