Who’s at fault in a left-hand turn accident?

In most left-hand turn car accidents, it’s assumed the driver turning left is at fault. They have the highest obligation to drive carefully when making a left turn. However, these are some of the most challenging legal cases. They require a thorough understanding of the circumstances and all the factors involved, especially if other parties may be liable.

If you were hurt in a left-hand turn accident, who’s at fault can be complicated. At Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates, our Chicago car accident lawyer can help you examine the evidence and determine who is liable for your injuries.

left hand turn accident whos at fault

How is left-hand turn accident fault assigned?

Typically, oncoming vehicles always have the right of way when moving through an intersection. If no traffic signals indicate they should stop, oncoming drivers should continue to move through the intersection. Drivers who want to turn left across traffic must wait until these vehicles pass.

However, sometimes, the driver turning left may have the right-of-way. If an accident occurs, the left-turn driver may be able to demonstrate fault against the oncoming driver and remove blame from themselves. Doing so requires a close examination of the facts of the case and the police report provided, along with any other evidence available.

Who could be found at fault in a left-hand turn accident besides the left-turning driver?

There are some situations where the driver turning left may be found not at fault, such as:

  • The oncoming driver entered the intersection against a traffic light. If the light was red or they failed to stop at a stop sign before moving into the intersection, they could be responsible for the accident, not the left-hand turn driver.
  • The oncoming driver was speeding. The left-hand turning driver may not have anticipated the rate of speed the driver was moving because they were going faster than the posted limits.
  • The oncoming driver may have been driving recklessly. The other driver could include swerving or passing other vehicles illegally and then slamming into the driver turning left.
  • Another driver may have rear-ended the left-turning driver. If the left-hand turning driver was waiting for their opportunity to complete their turn but was hit by another vehicle from behind, they may not be at fault for an accident with the oncoming driver.

Every case is different, and the details may be very complicated. One of the important steps to take after a car crash is to contact an attorney right away. Working with a skilled car accident lawyer can give you a better chance of untangling what happened and who is to blame. Otherwise, you may be found at fault when someone else is liable.

Can a left-hand turn accident be the other driver’s fault?

Yes, but the burden of proof can be challenging in many situations. In these cases, our car accident attorneys must gather as much information as possible about the accident and analyze any available evidence to support your claim. To do that, we may perform the following actions:

  • Secure statements from all parties involved in the accident, including passengers
  • Obtain any witness statements
  • Try to find video from traffic cameras or other footage of what occurred
  • Use accident recreationists to help demonstrate what occurred
  • Discuss the case with accident experts

Other evidence might include traffic violations, property damage, skid marks, and other data available due to investigative reporting, such as the blood alcohol level of the other driver.

Let our attorneys prove your case

If you face an accident like this as the left-hand turning driver, allow our attorneys at Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates to help you navigate your legal options. Contact us now for a free consultation to discuss your case privately and learn your legal rights. Our team is available to you when you call (800) 985-1819 to discuss your case.

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