Will My Health Insurance Pay for My Bills After an Auto Accident?

They should do so. You should always seek immediate medical attention if you’ve been injured in an auto accident and present your medical insurance card/information to cover all charges for ongoing care. Do not wait for the defendant’s insurance company to pay the bills. They usually wait until the entire case is settled before they pay anything.
As long as you remain within your health insurance network and seek care through approved providers and hospitals – as you would normally – your health insurance coverage will cover your fees minus any deductibles you are responsible for personally.

Any amount paid by your health insurance will be reimbursed in the event that valid coverage is available and recovered.
Finally, just because your insurance has paid the medical bills doesn’t mean that you cannot recover them in the personal injury case. In fact, we will still recover those bills for you.

Delays and Denial of Existing Coverage for Medical Bills

Sadly, it is the nature of the beast …the insurance industry itself, to delay, deny and dispute medical claims. They understand that the more pressure you are under, the more confusing the system, the more ‘at risk’ you are to collections, etc., the more you are likely to pay the bills yourself and/or accept an ultimately smaller recovery out of desperation.
If you delay your care waiting for assurances from the insurance company that they will provide coverage, you will more than likely wait a long time and be unhappy.


The other driver’s insurance company will prefer to wait until such a time that you have recovered fully and no longer require ongoing medical care before paying your claim. This is especially true if your injuries will require further treatment, such as surgeries or physical therapy, or pain management. How you manage financially in the meanwhile is of no concern to them.

Can An Attorney Help Me With My Auto Accident Injuries?

If you’ve been injured in an auto accident, many of the difficulties and delays you could face could be eliminated or greatly reduced by seeking help from our experienced Chicago Auto Accident Attorneys.
Your attorney will communicate with the other driver’s insurance company on your behalf, protecting you from the many ways in which your words or needs can, and will, be used against you, and if necessary, help to arrange consultation with specialists.
Never give a recorded statement to the other driver’s insurance company without first consulting with your attorney.

What If I Can’t Work Due To Auto Accident Injury?

Our auto accident attorneys will also help you recover loss of wages if you are not able to work due to your injuries.
Insurance companies know very well, which attorneys will aggressively and successfully litigate your case if they fail to uphold the liability limits of the policy.
They understand that a court settlement or jury verdict could result in much larger damages than simply paying for what is due to you at the onset.
And yet, time and again, insurance companies fail to step up and provide the coverage available without aggressive representation on your behalf.

Protect Your Rights

A free consultation with our firm can help ease your fears and protect your rights.
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