Is there a Limit to the Number of Doctors I can see at My Employer’s Expense?



Is there a limit to the number of doctors I can see at my employers expense?


Yes. Your employer must pay for the following treatment, if it is reasonable, necessary and causally related to your injury or disease:

  • All first aid and emergency services.
  • The services of the first treating doctor you select, along with the services of any doctors (specialists) or hospitals you’re referred to by the first treating doctor.
  • The services of a second treating doctor (should you decide to change treating physicians), along with any services you provide by doctors or hospitals referred to by the second treating doctor.

Always notify your employer if you change physicians to avoid delays in payment of compensation and medical bills.
NOTE: If you wish to select a third treating doctor –  someone you were not referred to by a previous treating doctor or hospital within your first two chosen referral chains –  you must pay for that doctor’s services yourself, unless your employer agrees in advance to pay for that doctor’s services.
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