Man Find Turns Signal in his Arm 50 Years after Accident

There’s a story behind every car accident. Unfortunately, many crashes end in tragedy, and to some degree, all accidents cause harm either to people or to a vehicle. The story of one car accident in 1963 recently came to a dramatic conclusion, when the victim found a turn signal in his arm more than 50 years after he crashed his vehicle in Illinois.

How Common Are Car Accidents in Illinois?

Research by Find the Data suggests that there were as many as 858 fatal car crashes on Illinois roads in 2010. These 858 crashes killed at least 927 people, and more than one-quarter involved drunk or inhibited driving.
During the same period, more than 130 motorcyclists and 100 pedestrians died in serious Illinois accidents. While these figures are low compared to many other American states—at just 7.22 deaths for every 100,000 people—they are still a cause for concern.
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Man Finds Turn Signal in His Arm After 1963 Accident

NBC News reports that a man who crashed his Ford Thunderbird in 1963 was not aware he was carrying a turn signal from the iconic car in his arm. The 75-year-old had a 7-inch long turn signal deeply embedded in his arm until doctors recently removed it.
The man, Arthur Lampitt, did have an inkling that the object was from the car wreck. When he found old photographs of the crash, he noticed the turn signal level was missing. Only when his armed swelled up did he consult a doctor, who surgically removed the steel part.
Doctors say it is not uncommon to find embedded foreign objects, especially after car accidents. However, objects as large as these usually become infected and cause problems much sooner after the crash.

Cheerleading Coach Dies in Crash

STL Today reports that a cheerleading coach from Southern Illinois died in a serious car crash. The woman was a passenger in a vehicle that collided with a Toyota Sienna. The Toyota crossed the center line, causing a head-on collision.
The local coroner’s office pronounced the woman dead just under 1 hour after the crash. Several other people involved in the accident sustained serious injuries, and emergency workers transported them to a nearby hospital for treatment.
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