Personal Injury Lawyer News in Chicago: Widower Files Lawsuit After Accident and More

Fatal Bicycle Accident

Last month, Su Ai Xie was riding her bike when a commercial van swerved and struck her. She fell to the ground and suffered fatal injuries, dying only a few minutes after the collision. Onlookers managed to record the van’s license plate number as the driver sped away.
Police spent two hours tracking down the van and discovered it was registered to Brookwood Builders Inc. An employee named Gabriel Herrera was on a work errand and driving to a building-supply store when accident occurred, fatally strucking Xie while she was on her bicycle.

The Chicago Tribune reports that after the crash, Herrera drove home and waited for police. He now faces several criminal charges in connection with the wreck.
Now, Xie’s husband has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against both Herrera and his employer. In many situations, victims of car accidents or their families can file lawsuits against the owners of the vehicles in addition to the drivers.
Xie’s husband is seeking $250,000 for the car accident.

Fatal Daycare Accident

Last month, Anita LeFlore got the news that every mother dreads; her 5-year-old son died while at daycare. She was at work when the owner of the facility called and told her that her son, Amareon Williams, had fallen down a slide and struck his head on a nearby tree stump. However, CBS Chicago reports that LeFlore quickly discovered the daycare was lying to cover up a much more gruesome accident.
LeFlore claims there was no one to watch her son play with the other children. Somehow, a jump rope became wrapped around a play set, and Williams became stuck on the rope, hanging from his neck.
If you are facing the devastating loss of a family member after another party’s negligence caused an accident, you may be able to file a wrongful-death lawsuit to find justice. A personal-injury lawyer from Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates can help you review the options and offer comprehensive legal advice.
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The Social Services Administration Conducted an Investigation After the Playground Accident

The SSA investigated the facility and quickly ordered that it be shut down. The agency says the daycare’s failure to provide adequate supervision directly caused the boy’s death. The SSA’s assessment also revealed there were unreported instances of abuse, and the owner didn’t conduct criminal background checks on many of the workers. LeFlore filed her wrongful death lawsuit this month against the owner of the facility.
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