Truck Driver Trapped Under Dirt, and Other Accident Lawyer News


Illinois Construction Accident News

Construction accidents are far too common, and they often involve serious injuries. In fact, each year, approximately four construction workers out of every 100 suffer a workplace injury, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Truck Accident Crushes Driver

In many cases, these injuries are entirely preventable. The Chicago Tribune reports that a worker suffered serious injuries after a construction accident in Chicago. A man was driving a truck full of dirt when the bed of the truck managed to fall on the cab, crushing it, as well as the man inside.
The police haven’t released any details regarding how the dirt fell on the cab, but the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is investigating. They could issue fines if they find a safety violation contributed to the accident. The truck was buried under the dirt, and the crushed cab pinned the driver in the vehicle, making the rescue efforts very difficult.

The Driver Was Lucky to Be Alive After the Construction Accident

Rescue teams needed to overcome several obstacles before rescuing the man. First, they needed to find a way to reach him without causing the dirt to shift further into the cab, which would have crushed him to death.
Second, they were worried about his injuries and needed to work quickly to ensure he didn’t suffer serious complications. Third, the temperature was 90 degrees, making the threat of heat stroke very real for the injured driver.
It took the rescue teams two hours to free the man from the truck. During that time, they provided him with an IV and several ice packs to keep him from overheating. Responders also had an emergency helicopter waiting to take him to the nearest hospital for treatment.
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Drunk Driver Faces Charges After Killing Pedestrian

CBS Chicago reports that Manuel Guerrero-Lopez was drunk when he ran a red light and struck an SUV in the intersection. The SUV flipped over and hit a pedestrian in the street.
The pedestrian, Charles Jones, was reportedly panhandling at the time of the accident. Police determined that Guerrero-Lopez’s blood-alcohol content was approximately twice the legal limit when he ran the red light. He now faces one felony charge and two misdemeanors.
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