Woman Sues After Rap Concert and Other Personal Injury Lawyer News

What risks are you taking when you attend a music event, and do the performers or the venue have a responsibility to provide for your safety? Those are the questions raised by a recent personal-injury lawsuit in Chicago.
Tia Butts, 20, attended an A$AP Rocky and Been Trill concert. She alleges that one of the performers leapt from the stage and attempted to crowd surf. Instead, the performer landed on Butts, causing severe back, neck and head injuries.
The Chicago Sun-Times reports that an ambulance arrived to take her to the hospital for treatment. No other attendees suffered injuries that night.

She recently filed a $50,000 personal-injury lawsuit against the performers, the venue and Ticketmaster for failing to maintain a safe environment. The defense attorneys will likely argue that Butts took a risk by attending the show, which would take the blame off of the performers.
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Train Derailment Injures 32 People At O’Hare International Airport

NBC Chicago reports that a train pulled into the airport terminal, but rather than stopping, it struck a barrier, forcing it onto the sidewalk and part way up an escalator. Witnesses say that it was a miracle that no one on the platform was injured.
National Transportation Safety Board experts launched an investigation into the accident, inspecting the scene and interviewing personnel. The train operator admitted to investigators that she had fallen asleep while helming the train, and that she had fallen asleep a few months prior, as well.
The CTA issued the operator a written warning after the first incident. Even if the operator fails to slow the train, an automated system is supposed to brake the train near the station, but it failed.

Woman Files Personal-Injury Lawsuit Against CTA Over the Crash

Niakesha Thomas, 22, was on her way to work when the accident happened. She says that she remembers slamming into the seat ahead of her before being whipped backward against her own seat. She states that she then stood up and exited the train.
As so often happens with back injuries, Thomas didn’t feel the extent of her injuries until a few days after the accident, quickly realizing that she couldn’t stand or perform everyday tasks because of the severe pain.
Thomas recently filed a personal injury lawsuit against the CTA, claiming the operator was speeding and fatigued. Her job at a newsstand requires her to stand all day, and she can’t imagine returning to work with her back injuries.
At least four other passengers have filed lawsuits.
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