Workplace Injury: Recovery of $4 million for Local 63 Ironworker

July 1, 2024. Chicago Personal Injury attorneys lead by Clifford Horwitz of Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates recovered $4,000,000 for a Local 63 Ironworker. The plaintiff had a preexisting rotator cuff tear which was aggravated while holding a curtain wall with a tag line, resulting in a torn labrum.  The curtain wall got caught up in the wind causing the injury. The plaintiff claimed that the general contractor and crane operator shouldn’t have permitted this operation to be performed in 30 mph winds.  Defendant claimed that plaintiff consented to working in the high winds and was part of the decision-making process and that plaintiff should have released the tag line to avoid injury.  They also claim that the plaintiff requested surgery before the accident and should have informed his employer. Plaintiff lost his career and had 2 surgeries.

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Since 2012, Cliff’s trial team at Horwitz Horwitz & Associates has won what was the largest personal injury verdict for an individual in Illinois history, the largest verdict for a back injury, the largest jury verdict for a neck injury, the largest jury verdict for a brain injury, the largest jury verdict for spinal cord injury, the largest jury verdict for a hand injury, the largest jury verdict for a CRPS injury.

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