Jay R. Luchsinger


Jay’s knowledge of construction and mechanics gives him a distinct advantage over insurance carrier lawyers who have never worked on a construction site. This is why Jay has turned cases that other law firms could not handle into successful cases.

Clifford Horwitz says the following about Jay Luchsinger, “I have been trying cases for 20 years with Jay. It has been a distinct honor and pleasure. On many occasions, I have observed Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates’ witnesses on the witness stand attempt to fool or manipulate him and each time to my amazement, they have failed. Jay’s in-depth knowledge of the construction and mechanics fields have repeatedly been put to the test and every time, Jay prevails. Jay and I have never lost a case that we have tried together and have never received a jury verdict less than our final demand. Not only that, but Jay is a kind and outstanding human being. Clients love his fiery personality, hard work, and dedication.”

When asked to describe how he sees the mission of the Horwitz firm and its commitment to serving the interests of working men and women, Jay Luchsinger stated that he likes to think about what another Illinois lawyer, Abraham Lincoln, had to say about American workers. According to Jay, Mr. Lincoln summed it up best when he said:

All that serves labor serves the Nation.
All that harms is treason.
If a man tells you he loves America,
Yet hates labor, he is a liar.
If a man tells you he trusts America,
Yet fears labor, he is a fool.
There is no America without labor.
And to fleece the one is to rob the other.

Primary Practice Focus

As a Partner and lead trial lawyer of Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates, Jay has devoted his entire career to achieving justice for those who have been victimized by corporate negligence. He has won numerous record-setting jury verdicts and settlements, as well as the highest personal injury jury verdict of all time, amounting to many hundreds. Contact our firm today to learn how Jay Luchsinger can help you.

In-Depth Look

Whether it is winning a $64 million jury verdict on behalf of a local 393 ironworker or an $11 million verdict for a disabled plumber, a $3.8 million verdict for a laborer injured by a poorly maintained piece of physical therapy equipment, or a $5 million settlement for an operating engineer who fell from an unsafe excavation vehicle, Jay Luchsinger has consistently shown himself to be one of the most effective and successful personal injury trial lawyers in the state. In over 20 years with Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates, the trial team of Jay Luchsinger and Cliff Horwitz have won numerous record-setting jury verdicts and settlements, amounting to many scores of millions of dollars in awards for their clients. To see more verdicts and settlements.

Jay has also argued successfully before the Illinois Supreme Court and numerous appellate courts in Illinois and Wisconsin. Jay has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of the needs and concerns of the working men and women the Horwitz firm proudly represents. Jay also possesses extensive expertise regarding the customs, practices, and workings of industrial and construction work-sites. Below is a video of one of Jay’s successful arguments before the Illinois Supreme Court on behalf of two children tragically killed in an accident.

This is not surprising. Jay is himself a third-generation, journeyman structural ironworker and a 35-year member of Ironworkers Local #1 in Chicago. For 15 years Jay worked as an ironworker helping build mines, mills, factories, bridges, schools and high-rises in Chicago, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Colorado. While in law school in the 1980s, Jay spent his days “walking the iron” on steel beams many stories above the Chicago streets erecting skyscrapers, and his nights attending classes at John Marshall Law School. A United States Army veteran, Jay also used his GI-bill benefits to earn a master’s degree in American history from the University of Wisconsin. Jay brings his extensive knowledge, experience, work ethic and passion to every case he works on. As a result, Jay Luchsinger, like the other accident lawyers at our firm, continues to help deliver full civil justice to the injured working men and women that the Horwitz firm is so privileged to represent.