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If you or someone you love has been injured or killed due to a defective product, the Chicago product liability attorneys at Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates can help. Recent newsworthy cases have involved construction accidents (faulty equipment and/or defective building materials) and automobiles (breaks, steering, rollovers, and tires). They also often include medical devices, such as defective pacemakers, robotic surgery failures, and dangerous bone grafting materials, such as Infuse.

What is Product Liability?

The term ‘Defective Product’, or a case against a manufacturer for ‘Product Liability’ often brings to mind dangerous products. Products such as children’s toys, cribs, day beds, and car seats often come to mind. Because of an abundance of television commercials, you might also think of dangerous drugs or medical devices once promoted as medical breakthroughs, now suspected of having seriously injured or killed patients.

A defective product is one in which the safety of the product – or a component of the product – has been compromised and caused injury.  A product that is found to be unreasonably dangerous when used for the purpose intended, or unsafe for reasonably foreseeable uses, can result in a product liability case.

Defective products, such as the infamous Takata airbags, have been found in all areas of life. Defect products are commonly responsible for injuries that could have and should have been prevented.

Product liability sounds complicated and often can be. In its simplest form, the only rule you have to remember is that the manufacturer of a product owes the consumer the obligation to “manufacture” and “design” a product that is reasonably safe. If the product is “unreasonably dangerous” or if it is “unsafe for reasonably foreseeable uses,” then the manufacturer is liable for injuries that are caused by the product.

Another way to evaluate if you may have a products liability case is to ask yourself the following question, “Did the product do something or act in such a manner that I did not expect?” If the answer is yes, then contact our Chicago product liability lawyers to explore a products liability claim.

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How do You Prosecute a Products Liability Case?

When our Chicago defective product lawyers prosecute a products liability case, we must prove the defect in the product existed when the product left the manufacturer’s control. If the distributor of the product contributed to the defect, the distributor could also be liable. A manufacturer can also be liable if it fails to adequately warn of dangers associated with the product.

A manufacturer cannot delegate its duty to others. Clauses such as, “any injury is the responsibility of the consumer” are not enforceable. They will likely be struck by the Court.

Product liability law is complex and expensive to litigate. The Plaintiff is normally taking on a wealthy manufacturer who has unlimited money to spend defending its product. Plus, manufacturers have an interest in protecting the “sanctity” of their product. However, Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates fronts the costs for the litigation. A client is only responsible for the costs if our Chicago product liability lawyers recover compensation.

Construction Liability Cases

We have brought products liability actions into the construction arena, utilizing it to protect construction workers. For example, if a defective bolt fractures and causes a beam to fall on an ironworker, then the manufacturer of the bolt may be liable under products liability law.

We have recovered one of the largest if not the largest product liability recovery ever against a ladder manufacturer. Further, we recently won what was the largest verdict in Illinois history for a paralyzed worker. In that case, the Defendant attempted to use products liability arguments to defeat the ironworkers claim. The Defendant argued that the injured ironworker should have used a man-lift and a lanyard (both of these are products) in a manner contrary to the manufacturer’s instructions. Our Chicago injury attorneys demonstrated that this would have potentially caused a man-lift to tip over or the lanyard to fracture. The jury agreed with us and awarded the ironworker $64 million.

To successfully prosecute a products liability claim, it is critical that the product is saved after the accident. Immediately get the product into the hands of an experienced Chicago defective safety equipment lawyer. He or she can preserve the product to subsequently have an expert examine it. If the product is not properly preserved, it may destroy your right to compensation. If you cannot obtain access to the product, we can do so on an emergency basis through a court order.

Auto Products Liability

Automobile products liability is another area where we have pioneered and excelled in prosecuting and creating awareness. Despite decades of research that outline unnecessary risk of serious injury and death due to inadequate or reduced standards and known defects within the automobile manufacturing industry, little measurable progress has been made. The National Institute of Highway Safety continues to disregard sound and just engineering recommendations. Instead, supports guidelines that effectively offer immunity of liability from gross negligence by the automobile manufacturers.

Until the NIHS becomes an agency of the people, for the people, the people themselves must enlist the power of the courts and the jury system to force reasonable change. Only when the cost of restitution following serious injuries and death outweigh the costs of acceptable negligence will true and purposeful change occur for automobile consumers.

An example: if a child’s car seat fractures, the manufacturer may be liable. If a car flips over and the hood caves in, the manufacturer may be liable for a faulty hood. If a medical prosthetic device fails, it may be a product defect.

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Products liability takes experience, considerable expertise, and money to be successfully prosecuted. Under products liability law, you have the right to have your case heard by a jury. You can recover damages for pain and suffering, disability, lost wages, disfigurement, and future pain and suffering.

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