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        Class Action

        The attorneys in the Horwitz consumer department are busy fighting cases against corporate giants, such as America Online, General Motors, K-Mart Corporation, Cannon and Sunbeam.

        Consumers with similar complaints resulting from a defective product or unfair business practice, or employee groups who face similar injustices relating to their job often form a single party, or Plaintiff, and file a lawsuit on behalf of the whole, called a Class Action.

        A class action lawsuit can be brought when one (or more) individuals file suit on behalf of many, even thousands who have similar complaints. They share representation and find strength in numbers, rather than endure individual litigation.

        The most common type of case involving a “class” or group is called a Consumer Protection Class Action, brought against those who violate Federal and State laws that protect consumer rights, such as scams, false or misleading advertising, faulty services, and contract violations, such as inadequate disclosure of contract terms.

        Examples include class actions brought against insurance companies, telephone and internet providers, personal and home loan lenders, banking and credit card companies, and manufactures of defective products.

        Where Class Action is appropriate, several factors are uniquely present, including:

        • The scope of individuals potentially affected by an illegal practice or harmful product exceeds one (although one person may file a Class Action).
        • All within the class share common injuries or legal complaints.

        A recent example would be the large groups of individuals who have filed a Class Action against, Merck Pharmaceutical, the manufacturer of Vioxx, accusing the pharmaceutical company of knowingly marketing a defective product that had potentially lethal side effects on the cardiovascular system, causing strokes and heart attacks.

        Vital to any Class Action is the strength and experience of the firm that represents the Plaintiffs. Is the firm comprised of attorneys with proven Class Action experience? Does the firm possess the personnel and financial resources to see the case through to a just conclusion?