Victims who have been harmed by corporations that produce faulty or defective products or who have exploitative business practices may be able to pursue compensation through a class action lawsuit.

At Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates, our Chicago class action lawyers have extensive experience in class actions against corporations. We have taken on giants such as America Online, General Motors, K-Mart, and Cannon.

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What is a class action lawsuit?

Class action lawsuits are brought against corporations when a large number of people have been harmed by their practices or their products. In a class action lawsuit, an individual or a group of individuals files a suit on behalf of all victims.

One of the most common types of class action suit is a Consumer Protection Class Action. In these cases, companies may have violated state or federal law and breached their duty in protecting the safety and health of consumers. This can include actions such as fraud, scams, false advertising, and contract violation.

Class action suits can be brought against insurance companies, internet providers, product manufacturers, and credit card companies, among others. As long as a group of individuals has all experienced the negative impact of a similar illegal or harmful practice, a class action suit can be filed.

Types of class action lawsuits

At Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates, our Chicago personal injury attorneys are prepared to handle a variety of class action suits. We have experience representing groups of people in the following types of class action lawsuits.

Consumer protection

Companies have a duty to protect consumers from fraud, false advertising, mislabeling of products, and other deceptive or harmful practices. Consumers may be entitled to damages in the form of refunds, repairs, or compensation for any losses experienced due to a company’s violation of consumer protection laws.


Securities fraud can cause significant financial losses for investors. When a company has deceived or misled a large group of investors by providing false or incomplete information, the wronged investors may be able to seek justice and compensation by filing a class action securities suit.


Employees may be entitled to compensation if they were wrongfully terminated, discriminated against, or deprived of wages due to their employer’s unfair practices. If these practices are widespread across a company, it may be possible to file a class action lawsuit on behalf of all affected employees.


Antitrust class actions involve companies that have used unfair business practices to gain an advantage over their competitors. An example of this is when a company illegally monopolizes a certain market or region. If a group of people has suffered financial losses due to an antitrust violation, they may be able to pursue damages in a class action antitrust lawsuit.


Environmental class actions are filed against companies that have polluted the environment in a reckless manner. When large groups of people are exposed to these pollutants, they may suffer losses such as health problems and reduced property value. In these cases, a class action environmental suit can be used to hold companies accountable for the suffering they’ve caused.

Requirements for filing a class action lawsuit in Chicago

A case must meet certain criteria to be eligible for a class action lawsuit in Chicago. Generally, the following requirements must be met:

  1. The class must be large enough that joining each individual case would be impractical.
  2. The issues in the individual cases must be similar or related to each other.
  3. The people representing the class must have been affected by the same issue and suffered similar damages.
  4. The class representatives must be able to adequately represent the interests of all class members.
  5. A class action suit is the most efficient manner of litigating the claims.

Initiating the class action filing process

To file a class action lawsuit, one or more individuals must serve as the representative plaintiffs and file a complaint in court. This complaint should include detailed information confirming that the case meets the above requirements.

From there, the Chicago class action attorneys for the representative plaintiffs will identify and notify all potential class members of the case. Once notified, class members may choose to opt into the lawsuit or remain uninvolved.

Advantages of filing a class action lawsuit

Strength in numbers is one of the main advantages of filing a class action lawsuit. When several people come together to pursue justice and compensation, it can make a powerful statement to the court system and send a strong message to the offending party.

Additionally, filing a class action lawsuit can be more cost-effective for the representative plaintiffs. Since the cost of litigation is divided among all class members, each individual can incur significantly lower legal fees.

Furthermore, a class action lawsuit allows people who’ve suffered smaller amounts of damages to pursue compensation where they’d otherwise be unable to do so. Filing an individual claim is often not feasible for someone who’s incurred minor losses due to a defendant’s wrongdoing. It simply wouldn’t be worth the cost of litigation, but by combining many smaller claims into a single lawsuit, it’s possible to seek justice on a larger scale.

Benefits of hiring a Chicago class action lawyer

Class action lawsuits often involve dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of people and require a great deal of legal knowledge, resources, and experience. Without the help of a dedicated class action lawyer in Chicago, organizing the case, notifying class members, and representing the interests of all class members is a near-impossible feat.

If you’re interested in initiating a class action lawsuit, having an attorney on your side can allow you to achieve greater results. Our class action lawyers have tried-and-true methods for locating and notifying potential class members, which can help to ensure that everyone affected by the defendant’s wrongdoing has a chance to join the case.

We’re also skilled negotiators and litigators, with a deep understanding of the law and how to use it to your advantage. When we represent your class, we’ll strive to secure maximum compensation for all class members.

Why hire Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates

A class action lawsuit has strength in numbers. When many people have suffered harm from a product on the market, whether it’s a dangerous drug, tool, furniture, vehicle, or other manufactured items, the case is often filed with many other individuals who have suffered similar harm.

In this case, having the support of a team of lawyers who are familiar with the process, filings, and management of a class action can be of great benefit to you as an individual. Our process may involve gathering evidence and identifying and contacting other victims to become participants in a class action suit.

At Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates in Chicago, our class action lawyers have successfully taken on many corporate giants and prevailed. Filing a class action lawsuit against a corporate entity requires high-level legal skills, experience, and a full familiarity with the process. If you have been the victim of corporate negligence, we urge you to contact us immediately.

Our Chicago class action lawyers are here to help

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Our team of trial attorneys has extraordinary legal abilities and a personal dedication to seeking justice for the injured. In cases of class action lawsuits, our experience in court can be of great benefit to you.

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