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Cook County Jury Awards Highest Jury Verdict in Illinois History to Iron Worker Left Paralyzed After Fall

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At Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates, we have over 350 years of combined experience in personal injury and workers’ compensation law.

We are recognized as one of the premier personal injury law firms serving the Chicago area. Our team of experienced litigators has achieved what was the largest personal injury verdict in Illinois history, as well as what were the highest jury awards ever recorded for back, neck, spinal cord, and brain injuries. Our Chicago personal injury lawyers are passionate about protecting the rights and interests of the people we represent, and we pursue the maximum possible financial compensation in every case.

How Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates Can Help

We have deep experience in complex injury cases. Each member of our litigation team is dedicated to protecting the rights and interests of injured men and women. The first steps in filing a claim or lawsuit must be initiated as soon as possible. Critical evidence must be identified and preserved. Filings must occur within the strict time limits. We handle all cases on a contingency fee basis – meaning you pay nothing unless we recover compensation on your behalf. If you or a loved one has been seriously harmed due to the actions of another party, we encourage you to contact us immediately for a free and confidential office consultation in Chicago or Joliet.  Our attorneys also maintain regular office hours in union halls in communities across northeastern Illinois on designated days each month.  Home and hospital visits are also available for those whose injuries may prevent them from traveling to our office.

Trial-Tested Personal Injury Law Firm

If you have been seriously injured, it is vitally important that you retain a law firm willing and able to take your case to trial and win. Insurance companies know which lawyers are unafraid to try cases, and which lawyers are looking to accept the first settlement offer, no matter how inadequate.  The attorneys at Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates have significant trial experience and are not afraid to take your case to court if the insurance company does not treat you fairly.

Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates excels at handling workers’ compensation cases. One of our principal partners, Mitchell Horwitz, was named one of the Top 10 Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in Illinois by Leading Lawyers through a survey of his peers. It is imperative that cases of serious work-related injuries or loss of life on the job are managed by an experienced Illinois workers’ compensation lawyer with a track record of success.

Illinois Workers’ Compensation Cases

We at Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates believe that if you or a loved one are injured at work, you should receive swift and certain compensation for lost time, medical treatment, permanent disability, and/or lost wages from your employer or its workers’ compensation insurance carrier. In addition, you may also be entitled to money damages from a company or person other than your employer – known as a “third party” who may have been at fault in causing your injury. Third party liability can be crucially important, as the dollar value of the benefits available under workers’ compensation may be inadequate to support a family’s basic needs.

If you or a loved one have been seriously injured or disabled, or if a friend or family member has been killed on the job, we recommend that you contact Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates as soon as possible. We offer a free case consultation to assist injured workers and their families – the first step in seeking justice and fair compensation – from every possible source.

Developing trust is critical to every relationship with each client we represent.

What is Personal Injury Law? Do I Have a Case?

Personal injury law covers a wide scope of injuries and accidents. Under the Illinois Statute Section 705 ILCS 505, a civil lawsuit can be brought against a negligent party to seek to recover damages.

This section of the law is termed “tort law.” A tort is a wrongful act that has harmed another party for which that party holds civil liability. Personal injury cases are typically settled outside of court or decided by a jury in civil court.

Our team of Chicago personal injury attorneys at Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates can advise you on how to best proceed with your injury case. We protect the rights of the injured and seek the maximum compensation possible in every case – and will take the case to trial if a fair settlement is not offered in a timely manner.

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If you or a loved one have been injured, contact our Chicago personal injury attorneys today.  With a free initial consultation, we can review the facts of your case and let you know what your options are. We are committed, experienced, and have an impressive record of success – including achieving what was the highest injury award ever recorded in the state of Illinois. Call today.

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