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Alex McIntyre

Alex was working on a construction site when the ladder he was working on suddenly let go. The 48-foot fall caused a number of significant injuries that ended his career in roofing.

Ron Bayer

Ron Bayer was a union ironworker from local 393 who fell head first 15-20 feet from a beam. Bayer suffered a C1 burst fracture, C7 dislocation fracture, and C6 spinal cord injury.

Michelle Mossberger

Michelle, a special education teacher, was injured while breaking up a fight between students in the class.


Hurt a few years ago while working with Labor's Union Local 75. Highly recommends Mitch and his team. They were able to get this Union Laborer permanent compensation.

Tom Hess

Tom was a laborer working from a ladder on a construction site. The ladder malfunctioned causing a career-ending injury.

Tom Cellini

Tom was guiding a stone grading machine. While walking backward and guiding the machine to check the grades, he stepped into a hole.

Tony Fonte

A Local 1 Ironworker in Chicago, was injured while restoring the famous bridges Chicago is known for. A barge coming up the Chicago River crashed into his safety skiff attached to the work flat resulting in a career-ending shoulder injury. The barge's insurance company tried to blame him for the accident.


After having a serious back injury, got in touch with Horwitz and have nothing but great things to say about the firm. They had this injured worker's best interest at heart.

Informative, Kind, and Helpful

I again would like to thank you for all your work on my case. Especially, the patience when I called panicking about not getting medications, equipment, etc. after my knee replacement. You have both been so informative, kind and helpful throughout this process. I will recommend Horwitz & Horwitz to anyone I can. My son is an attorney (works for the government) and he also has been impressed with Horwitz & Horwitz. It is always nice to know when you refer someone in need that they will be well cared for.

Anonymous | Client

Helped Me Get The Justice My Mother Deserved

My mother was supposed to be in the nursing home for only a short stay for rehabilitation after a stroke. But instead, she was ignored and neglected. Not only did she not get the rehabilitation she needed, but she also developed bedsores, which were left untreated and caused her to die of septic shock. She was my mother. I loved her. And they let her die. The lawyers at Horwitz and Horwitz listened to me, comforted me and helped me get the justice my mother deserved. I hope it will prevent this from happening to other families in the future.

Anonymous | Client

Horwitz Never Let Us Down

My husband (local 75 laborer) had a bad accident at work and needed pins in his shoulder. After his accident he couldn’t work so they let him go from the job. We made the mistake of not hiring Horwitz first. The attorney we hired didn’t do too well and thankfully we ended up going to Horwitz Horwitz & Associates and it was the best thing we could have done. The crew at Horwitz have done a tremendous job for my husband. Everyone needs to be applauded for their care and support towards us. They got us the checks on time and we were able to pay our bills. We have had two cases with Horwitz and they never let us down. We want to give a big "Thank You" to Jay Luchsinger, Cliff Horwitz, Carmen Franklin, Tyler Berberich, and Dulce Diaz for always calling us back and getting the job done. Don’t be scared to hire an attorney, especially at Horwitz because they work for YOU and benefit the injured.

Elizabeth, Wife Of Local 75 Laborer

Marc Perper Helped Me Very Much

Marc Perper helped me very much. I really felt bad for him because he basically was handed a mess due to another attorney messing up my case to start with. I was and am very impressed with both Marc and Mitch. I also like the fact that they were aware and involved themselves in getting to know about the different Chronic Pain conditions. I met Marc & Mitch at a Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Support Group. So many Doctors don’t know what RSD is and it makes for a very difficult case if the Attorney doesn’t get involved and get you to the right Doctors to get you help … that, in turn, will get you the help you need physically & financially. Marc is a fantastic attorney and was always on top of things. He is truly amazing. The firm is blessed to have such a wonderful attorney!!

Anonymous | Client

Very Pleased With The Final Resolution

Our Family has Great Appreciation for Mitch’s Persistence. Mitchell Horwitz represented my brother in his workers’ comp case. My brother was injured on the job in July of 2004 and after years of physical therapy and other forms of medical treatment, including major surgery, Mitch was able to bring his case to final resolution in late February of this year. Our family has a great appreciation for Mitch’s persistence and for the strong and very professional stance taken before the arbitrator when my brother’s case was heard in late November of 2011. We all are very pleased with the final resolution reached in the case and attribute this outcome to the organization skills, preparation, and outstanding representation of Attorney Mitchell Horwitz.

Anonymous | Union Laborer

True Professionals

I am very satisfied with the great deal of time and effort spent toward obtaining an adequate and very reasonable settlement. Mark Weissburg and Anna Aaker are true professionals.

Anonymous | Client

Really Appreciate Everything You've Done For Us

I really appreciate everything that you and Cliff have done. I wanted to let you know the check did come today. We’re just really appreciative of everything you’ve done for us. Thank you very much.

Anonymous | International Union Of Operating Engineers Local 150

Did A Great Job As Always

Just wanted to relay my thanks to Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates for the recent settlement they secured for me. Mitch and Cass did a great job as always. Although I hope I never need their services again, if I do need legal assistance again I will return.

Anonymous | Client

Fought To Get Me The Compensation I Needed

I was stopped at a red light when I was hit from behind. I was hit hard enough to push me into the car in front of me. From that day on, I received numerous treatments from physical therapists, my regular physician, a chiropractor, orthopedic specialists, and a neurosurgeon. They thought it was whiplash, but I never fully recovered, so the lawyers at Horwitz and Horwitz dug deeper. They discovered that I had a disc injury that was compressing my spinal cord and they fought to get me the compensation I needed for future surgeries to relieve the pressure. If it weren’t for Horwitz and Horwitz, the insurance company would have gotten away with paying as little as possible.

Anonymous | Client

Took The Time To Listen To My Concerns

After being diagnosed with RSD I felt alone and hopeless. My employer was not compensating my wages, and I was experiencing a huge wage loss as I worked two jobs as a nurse practitioner. Mitch Horwitz took the time to listen to my concerns and would even take my phone calls on weekends and after hours while trying to provide me with the compensation I deserved from my injury at work. Mitch treated my injury like it was his injury, and provided me the information I needed to make informed choices about my future. Without the care and consideration provided by the firm of Horwitz Horwitz & Associates, I would have lost everything I had worked so hard to attain, including my home.

Anonymous | Nurse Practitioner

An Advocate For Injured Workers

My Workers' Comp case started in 2005 and I did not retain an attorney until 2007. I met Mitch Horwitz and that started the ball rolling because he was an advocate for injured workers and he helped me every step of the way. Without his assistance, I would not have gotten the surgical intervention I needed to at least make my life tolerable. I’m now on permanent total disability and that’s not something that I wanted, but at least I have a semi-ok life after I was awarded the surgeries. Anyone who tries to go through this process without an attorney is fighting a losing battle and I think anyone who has suffered a work injury should keep Horwitz Horwitz & Associates in mind because I have nothing but praises for them and what they did for me.

Anonymous | Client

Horwitz Never Gives Up

Close to the end of a 10,000 ft. deck, my partner and I slipped and he pulled the muscles in his arm and I tore my rotator cuff. When I called the job safety coordinator, her response was, “I know all about you – and I’m not giving you anything.” Thank God for the support of Horwitz and Horwitz. I said, listen what do I do about this? We’re just honest people trying to take care of our kids. I got hurt, and if wasn’t for Horwitz and Horwitz I probably would have just given up. They are real people. They understand and they don’t just put you off. Absolutely unquestionably the best treatment I’ve ever had from anybody in any type of serious matter.

Anonymous | Client

Horwitz Always Going Above and Beyond

Thank you so much to Michael and Kenyatta! What I have to say about Horwitz Horwitz & Associates in general is I would not hesitate to refer anyone to them. I already have and he was very pleased. I have only good things to say. Anytime I had a question or problem, I was able to talk to Kenyatta right away and she was very prompt in returning my call. Mr. Silverman would also call himself and talk to me not just relay information which was very comforting. He made sure I understood everything that was happening and advised me what was best for me without pushing, but let me decide. He worked for me in helping me get as much as he could while I just wanted enough to pay the bills. He went above and beyond and obtained as much as he could. I was very worried, with so many bills and borrowing from persons I knew that had faith I would repay them. With what Mr. Silverman obtained I not only paid my medical bills but I was able to pay off all the persons I had borrowed from so I wouldn’t lose my home. "Thank you" is not enough to say, but I mean it with all my heart.

Anonymous | Client

Thanks For All That You Do

Thanks for the Benefits Printout! I can’t wait to send it to the union because I think they thought I would never be able to obtain them, but not anymore. I also received my TTD benefits check in the mail today. I am in a good mood for once because my mortgage and car payments are paid and I have some money in the savings, so Christmas is saved. Thanks for all that you do.

Anonymous | Client

Highly Recommend Horwitz, Horwitz And Associates

I have been totally satisfied with my experience so far with Horwitz, Horwitz and Associates. I had run into a couple of problems with the insurance company but Cassandra and Dan were always quick to fix the problem. I had so many questions and concerns and Mitch was great with getting back to me with answers. I would highly recommend Horwitz, Horwitz and Associates to anyone that needs representation.

Anonymous | Client

Made My Life So Much Easier

I was injured at work, and you know, I love my place of employment and they were wonderful to me. I thought everything would go smoothly until it got turned over to a Workers’ Comp insurance firm who immediately stopped paying the bills and sent me for crazy second opinions an hour and a half away when I live in the south suburbs of Chicago. A co-worker referred me to Horwitz & Horwitz, and they just made life so much easier for me. You know, when bills wouldn’t get paid I would just make a phone call and Dulce or Marc and handled it. I came home from having a knee replacement and I needed blood thinners – injections – that they wouldn’t pay for, which were like $400.00. You guys straightened it out immediately. You’ve just been so kind when I was fragile and everything was just always okay. It just made this whole process so much more manageable and easier. Nobody wants to get hurt at work and nobody wants to challenge the system, but you just have to because these Workers' Comp insurance companies make bad situations so much worse. I’ve been very, very happy that I chose Horwitz & Horwitz, and I’ve referred you to other people!

Anonymous | Client

You’re The Best!

I just want to call and say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I just want to thank you for listening to and dealing with me and helping me. Thank you.

Samantha | Client

Thank You For Your Kindness, Professionalism, And All Your Help

At my first appointment with Horwitz and Horwitz, it was clear that I was in highly capable hands. My injury was a complex case and was handled expertly at every step by compassionate attorneys who relentlessly built the strongest case possible. I was up against a very reputable insurance company and came out on top with my integrity intact. They were confident for a favorable decision from start to finish, even offering encouragement during those few times when I was not feeling particularly positive. They took the time to explain each step clearly and concisely, answering every question, recommending strategic courses of action. Thank you for your kindness, professionalism and all your help during this entire time. It was a privilege to work with Mitch, Dave, Cassandra, and his entire staff. I was completely impressed with Tyler who was called in during an emergency. His competence, integrity, and decency are unquestioned. I am proud to have been associated with Horwitz and will recommend their services to everyone.

Anonymous | Client

Sky High Review!

Sky high review for Marc Perper and the Horwitz team! When I first signed on with Marc Perper at Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates, the first paralegal that took me through the initial phase, Wade, was wonderfully reassuring, supportive, and understanding. He made the process easy and smooth. When I was then transferred to Dulce Diaz, she was always available to answer questions and support me along the way. Although I did not talk to Marc Perper, the end result proved that he was working diligently on my case. I appreciate that although I declined to get the recommended surgery, my case was still taken seriously and in the end, a settlement was awarded that was fair and deserved for the injuries I received. I thank this firm for their thoroughness and hard work on my case. I would recommend them to anyone with an occupational injury and intend to do so.

Kolette | Flight Attendant

What You Do is So Important

What you do is so important to those who are in a bad way. Thank you so much. Words will never describe how good you make the unfortunate feel when you help and care for them. Never change. God will always see that good goes to Good people. Compassion is free. That is the problem today, no one is compassionate. It would cost the insurance companies ZIP to be nice and caring. Thank you for taking the time to always help me.

Anonymous | Client

Horwitz & Horwitz Feels Like Family

My attorneys and lawyers did everything for me. They explained things to me, they made me feel confident in my case and where it was going. I’ve referred people to Horwitz, they do all the work for you. I think Horwitz & Horwitz feels like family. They’re great at getting back to you the same day you call. No matter if you call and you’re angry, or you call and you’re depressed, or panicking because of something – they always made me feel comfortable. I feel like they always were fighting for me.

Michelle | Special Education Teacher

Truly Have Their Client’s Best Interest At Heart

I’m extremely grateful to Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates. They truly have their client’s best interest at heart. Marc Perper and Dulce were knowledgeable and helpful in guiding me through my Workers’ Comp process. I would highly recommend this law firm to friends and family.” With great appreciation.

Jim | South Chicago Heights

Always Acted With My Best Interests In Mind

I just wanted to say thank you for all your help with my case. I know at times (probably a lot of times) I was not an easy person to deal with. But through it all, you remained professional and always acted with my best interests in mind. Your attention to detail and prompt action, when necessary, forced them to do the right thing. Cassandra should also be commended for going above and beyond. She shouldered most of my rants when stress was high. She always remained professional and extremely helpful. I will continue to speak highly of you and your firm. I will also refer clients to you in the future as I have in the past.

Anonymous | Client

I Am So Grateful

Union Millwright finds his “self-worth” thanks to the Horwitz team - I was lifting heavy steel at work and tore my rotator cuff. I knew I needed some legal representation but waited a few years until things got worse. Thankfully a family friend told me about Mitch Horwitz. I went through some very extensive therapy but nothing was helping. Mitch got me into a pain management specialist and kept it under control. I could only lift a maximum of 20lbs on my left arm so I couldn’t go back to work as a union millwright. When I lost the ability to go back to what I was used to doing put me in unfamiliar territory and I questioned my worth. Mitch and Cassandra were able to make sure that my pay kept coming in since it was my only source of income. Mitch battled with the insurance companies and got me the settlement that I deserved. He also made sure my medical bills were taken care of and my rights were protected. If I had any questions Mitch and Cassandra were there for me. It was such a great feeling not worrying about all the details and knowing that they were protecting my best interests. I am so grateful for Mitch and the Horwitz team!

Anonymous | Union Millwright

Tremendous In Assisting Me

I just got my mail and the check was in there – so all is well. I thank God it’s in there so I can get some bills paid right now. I thank you all so very much, your company has been tremendous in assisting me. I just want to thank you for calling me today. I go back to the doctor on Friday and I’ll update you on what’s going on, but I just wanted to let you know so thank you for your time and everything.

Ashley | Client

Extremely Grateful

I am extremely grateful to Horwitz, Horwitz & Assoc. After being turned down by another firm I approached Horwitz, who took on my case. I was treated by the firm like family. Everyone there helped me in many ways, reassuring my confidence and answering any questions I had. After years of litigation and the hard work of Cliff, Jay and Michael Carter, we went to trial. They all went far and beyond with their knowledge and professionalism to win my case. As a union carpenter, I would highly recommend Horwitz, Horwitz & Assoc. Thank you all so much for all your hard work. I really appreciate it.

Gary | Union Carpenter

Nothing Short Of Amazing

Mitch had represented 2 generations of my family members, quite successfully. So when an unfortunate time came for me to deal with a work injury, I looked nowhere else. I really cannot say enough about the entire staff at Horwitz. Every question or concern I had was met almost immediately with a response. I would also like to say his paralegals, Dan and Cass, answered what seemed like thousands of emails of mine and are nothing short of amazing. Mitch was able to successfully represent me and did not stop until a fair outcome was achieved. I firmly believe he made the difference in my case, which was not an easy one to take on. Kudos to Mitch and kudos to Horwitz for proving again why they are the best.

Eric | Client

The Best Representation

I hired Clifford and his partners at Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates in 2007. Since then he has worked so hard on my case that I knew that I was going to have the best representation. Clifford helped me understand what was going on every step of the way. When it came time for trial, I watched and listened to how much detail and passion he had for my case. I was very impressed and even though it was a very serious case, it was fun to watch him work. I can’t thank him enough for what he did for my family and I. I look forward to having Clifford as a friend when this is all finished. Thank you, Clifford.

Ronald Bayer | Local 393 Union IronWorker

Nothing But Great Things To Say

It wasn’t like talking to an attorney, it was like talking to a union brother.

Tom | Union CLient