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        Alex McIntyre

        Alex was working on a construction site when the ladder he was working on suddenly let go. The 48-foot fall caused a number of significant injuries that ended his career in roofing.

        Ron Bayer

        Ron Bayer was a union ironworker from local 393 who fell head first 15-20 feet from a beam. Bayer suffered a C1 burst fracture, C7 disolcation fracture and C6 spinal cord injury.

        Michelle Mossberger

        Michelle, a special education teacher, was injured while breaking up a fight between students in the class.

        Tom Hess

        Tom was a laborer working from a ladder on a construction site. The ladder malfunctioned causing a career-ending injury.

        Tom Cellini

        Tom was guiding a stone grading machine. While walking backwards and guiding the machine to check the grades, he stepped into a hole.

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        Union Client Testimonial

        I was stopped at a red light when I was hit from behind. I was hit hard enough to push me into the car in front of me. From that day on I received numerous treatments from physical therapists, my regular physician, a chiropractor, orthopedic specialists and a neurosurgeon. They thought it was whiplash, but I never fully recovered, so the lawyers at Horwitz and Horwitz dug deeper. They discovered that I had a disc injury that was compressing my spinal cord and they fought to get me the compensation I needed for future surgeries to relieve the pressure. If it weren’t for Horwitz and Horwitz, the insurance company would have gotten away with paying as little as possible.

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        What Our Clients Are Saying About Us