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Consumer protection laws such as the Illinois Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practices Act exist to ensure that businesses can be held liable for fraud and deceptive business practices.

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Breaches of consumer trust can include various behaviors. Behaviors ranging from misrepresenting the safety of product or service or failing to honor a warranty to inadequate disclosure of contract terms can be a breach. The consequences of such actions by businesses can have implications that go far beyond “buyer’s remorse”. Even if the consumer can weather them, there is no question about the fact that they are illegal.

If you have experienced fraudulent or deceptive business practices, the Chicago consumer law attorneys at Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates may be able to help.

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Scam artists and business criminals rely heavily on their ability to confuse or mislead you. They may also pressure you into agreeing to a purchase or contract that you do not fully understand. The Chicago consumer law lawyers at Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates are well-acquainted with their methods and the laws designed to protect consumers.

If you have been victimized by a dishonest business but can’t quite put your finger on how they violated the law, or what your options for recourse might be, we can help. A no-cost consultation with our staff can quickly clarify your situation. It will also give you a clear picture of your rights and the best direction for your case.

We have the ability and the resources to investigate your case. Our Chicago consumer law lawyers will take every step necessary to get you the settlement that you deserve. We worked closely with ConsumerAffairs, a consumer advocacy group that works to alert consumers to questionable products, companies, and business practices.

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Fraud and Deceptive Practices

Fortunately, most businesses understand that honesty is essential to their success and treat their customers fairly. However, virtually any transaction involving the exchange of money for goods and services has the potential to involve unfair or deceptive practices.

Online Scams are a Type of Consumer Law - Chicago Consumer Law Attorney

  • Purchasing goods – A product can be defective or its brand or quality misrepresented. You may be told you cannot cancel a sale that you have the right to cancel. Worse, a product can be sold that is dangerous and its dangers withheld or misrepresented.
  • Buying a car – This can encompass practices such as fraudulent ads, “bait and switch” sales tactics, rolling back an odometer, presenting a used car as new, etc.
  • Online scams – Identity theft, online auction fraud, lottery/sweepstakes scams, mortgage assistance scams, etc.
  • Financial scams – Securities fraud, credit cards, loans, investment scams – these and other situations where you are misled or not informed about the true terms of a financial transaction.
  • Warranties and returns – Failure to honor terms for a warranty or return of an item or misrepresenting them at the time of sale.

This is by no means a complete list. It also does not reflect the great range of consequences that can result from fraudulent or unfair business practices. It’s one kind of problem to lose a few dollars. It is another to lose thousands and a different matter altogether to suffer a serious injury or wrongful death.

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If you have been harmed, you have recourse. If it is the best strategy for your case, Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates has extensive experience representing clients in complex class action lawsuits.

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